2020-12-27 10:11

Tech limits without Mek Generators

I'm currently in a modpack that doesn't have Mekanism Generators. This cuts off 4x and 5x production as there isn't a way to get Brine (No adv solars for the salination plant)

Unless this has come up before and my google-fu is lacking.

Idea: Detect if Mek Generators is installed, if not add receipe for another block to be added to the Salination plant to allow full functionality.

Edit: 3x is also incredibly difficult to sustain without MekGen. Flint is the only way to get Oxygen without having bulk Hydrogen for no use (Massive power drain for Electrolytic Separator.) Again, I may have missed something.


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  • weixin_39635657 weixin_39635657 4月前

    Why don't you simply add mekanism generators?

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  • weixin_39701735 weixin_39701735 4月前

    I believe the Pack author hasn't added it to have a challenge to power gen. (No Big Reactors or any other form of solar power except for Extra Utilities)

    If a mod was split into 2 parts like Mek and MekGen it shouldn't handicap players with only the primary mod.

    Edit: They've also removed most other "easy" mods. No JABBA for bulk storage, no Ender Chests for item teleportation.

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  • weixin_39844525 weixin_39844525 4月前

    Not exactly a bug, considering you can just install MekGen. Won't be necessary in Mekanism v9, however, with the new heat transfer system.

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  • weixin_39701735 weixin_39701735 4月前

    aiden, still playing this modpack with v8 Mek. Still without MekGen.

    I can get the Solar Evaporation Tower to form in a desert, but its refusing to generate brine which means the new Induction Matrix and reactor is off limit (Can't get lithium)

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  • weixin_39995280 weixin_39995280 4月前

    The reactor is part of MekGen anyway, but the EIM being impossible is an issue...

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  • weixin_39701735 weixin_39701735 4月前

    Bugger. Jumping between a couple different modpacks. Missed that.

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