2020-12-28 06:19

Added OpenShift mcad-operator.v0.1.9

Signed-off-by: Diana Arroyo

Thanks submitting your Operator. Please check below list before you create your Pull Request.

Flat operator directory structure is obsolete from 23-rd of October 2019, only nested directory structure will be accepted.

New Submissions

  • [x] Does your operator have nested directory structure?
  • [x ] Have you selected the Project Community Operator Submissions in your PR on the right-hand menu bar? Right-hand menu bar does not allow me to select projects.
  • [x] Are you familiar with our contribution guidelines?
  • [x] Have you packaged and deployed your Operator for Operator Framework?
  • [x] Have you tested your Operator with all Custom Resource Definitions?
  • [x] Have you tested your Operator in all supported installation modes?
  • [x] Is your submission signed?

Updates to existing Operators

  • [ ] Is your new CSV pointing to the previous version with the replaces property?
  • [ ] Is your new CSV referenced in the appropriate channel defined in the package.yaml ?
  • [ ] Have you tested an update to your Operator when deployed via OLM?
  • [ ] Is your submission signed?

Your submission should not

  • [x] Modify more than one operator
  • [x] Modify an Operator you don't own
  • [x] Rename an operator - please remove and add with a different name instead
  • [x] Submit operators to both upstream-community-operators and community-operators at once
  • [x] Modify any files outside the above mentioned folders
  • [x] Contain more than one commit. Please squash your commits.

Operator Description must contain (in order)

  1. [x] Description about the managed Application and where to find more information
  2. [x] Features and capabilities of your Operator and how to use it
  3. [x] Any manual steps about potential per-requisites for using your Operator

Operator Metadata should contain

  • [x] Human readable name and 1-liner description about your Operator
  • [x] Valid category name1 Application Runtime
  • [x] One of the pre-defined capability levels2
  • [x] Links to the maintainer, source code and documentation
  • [x] Example templates for all Custom Resource Definitions intended to be used
  • [ ] A quadratic logo

Remember that you can preview your CSV here.


1 If you feel your Operator does not fit any of the pre-defined categories, file an issue against this repo and explain your need

2 For more information see here


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