2020-12-30 06:41

Updates shark makefile patch to avoid shark crashing on old systems

shark installed via conda crashes on our server. Since it is quite an old server, we suspect it is due to the -march=native flag. With this PR I update the Makefile patch

Bioconda requires reviews prior to merging pull-requests (PRs). To facilitate this, once your PR is passing tests and ready to be merged, please add the please review & merge label so other members of the bioconda community can have a look at your PR and either make suggestions or merge it.

  • [X] I have read the guidelines for bioconda recipes.
  • [ ] This PR adds a new recipe.
  • [X] AFAIK, this recipe is directly relevant to the biological sciences (otherwise, please submit to the more general purpose conda-forge channel).
  • [X] This PR updates an existing recipe.
  • [ ] This PR does something else (explain below).

Everyone has access to the following BiocondaBot commands, which can be given in a comment:

  • please update will cause the BiocondaBot to merge the master branch into a PR
  • please add label will add the please review & merge label.
  • please fetch artifacts will post links to packages and docker containers built by the CI system. You can use this to test packages locally before merging.

For members of the Bioconda project, the following command is also available:

  • please merge will cause packages/containers to be uploaded and a PR merged. Someone must approve a PR first! This has the benefit of not wasting CI build time required by manually merging PRs.

If you have questions, please post them in gitter or ping /core in a comment (if you are not able to directly ping /core then the bot will repost your comment and enable pinging).


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  • weixin_39769091 weixin_39769091 4月前

    -bot please fetch artifacts

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  • weixin_39561431 weixin_39561431 4月前

    Package(s) built on CircleCI are ready for inspection:

    Arch | Package | Repodata -----|---------|--------- linux-64 | shark-1.0.0-he513fc3_1.tar.bz2 | repodata.json osx-64 | shark-1.0.0-h2dec4b4_1.tar.bz2 | repodata.json

    You may also use conda to install these:

    • For packages on linux-64:
    conda install -c https://93054-42372094-gh.circle-artifacts.com/0/tmp/artifacts/packages <package name>
    • For packages on osx-64:
    conda install -c https://93055-42372094-gh.circle-artifacts.com/0/tmp/artifacts/packages <package name>

    Docker image(s) built:

    Package | Tag | Install with docker --------|-----|---------------------- shark | 1.0.0--he513fc3_1 |

    showcurl "https://93054-42372094-gh.circle-artifacts.com/0/tmp/artifacts/images/shark%3A1.0.0--he513fc3_1.tar.gz" \| gzip -dc \| docker load
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  • weixin_39769091 weixin_39769091 4月前

    -bot please merge

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  • weixin_39561431 weixin_39561431 4月前

    I will attempt to upload artifacts and merge this PR. This may take some time, please have patience.

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