2020-12-30 20:01

allure.environment is missing in allure.py

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What is the current behavior?

Based on documentation here to apply some environment configurations we should use allure.environment(report='Allure report', browser=u'Я.Браузер') syntax. But in allure.py environment is missing. Before we have to use some environment.properties file in report folder to apply variables to the report. New functionality is missing. Content of allure.py:

from allure_commons._allure import label
from allure_commons._allure import severity
from allure_commons._allure import tag
from allure_commons._allure import epic, feature, story
from allure_commons._allure import link
from allure_commons._allure import issue, testcase
from allure_commons._allure import Dynamic as dynamic
from allure_commons._allure import step
from allure_commons._allure import attach
from allure_commons.types import Severity as severity_level
from allure_commons.types import AttachmentType as attachment_type

__all__ = [






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  • Allure version: 2.2.1
  • Test framework: pytest.5
  • Allure adaptor: allure-pytest.1.0b1

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