2021-01-01 13:07

Schedule (The ability to schedule at a specific time)

We currently schedule jobs in our NSB endpoint as follows.


The problem with this that the time the job executes is dependent on when the endpoint host starts.

It would be great if you could schedule the job for a specific date time/ time.

ie Schedule.At(EveryDay.At(2).PM()).Action(JobToExecute);


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  • weixin_39631667 weixin_39631667 4月前

    would the solution in here work for you?

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  • weixin_39758712 weixin_39758712 4月前

    Task.Delay isn't available in .NET4

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  • weixin_39849479 weixin_39849479 4月前

    I use NCronTab for such needs. A cron schedule exists independent of the process start time.

    var nextRun = CrontabSchedule.Parse(Cron).GetNextOccurrence(DateTime.UtcNow);

    The thing about recurring scheduling is that there is no guarantee that the last recurrence is complete before the next one begins. Setting too high a frequency can result in two occurrences running at the same time which might be problematic. For this reason I usually employ a timer where the autoreset = false

    _timer = new Timer() { AutoReset = false };
    _timer.Elapsed += {
       var nextRun = CrontabSchedule.Parse("1 23 * * *").GetNextOccurrence(DateTime.UtcNow);
       var milliseconds = nextRun.Subtract(DateTime.UtcNow).TotalMilliseconds;
       _timer.Interval = milliseconds;

    The above code will set a timer to run at 2300 hours on the first minute daily and ensure no two timer jobs overlap.

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  • weixin_39587407 weixin_39587407 4月前

    duplicate of #373

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