2021-01-02 04:23

Tools / Node.js Tools / Diagnostic Info... - Fails with Dialog

Open Window from a fresh windows / visual studio 2017 install and I get:

"Gould not find any resources appropriate for the speified culture or the netural culture. Make sure "Microsoft.NoejsTools.COmmands.DiagosticsForm.en.resources" was correctly embedded or linked into the asembly "Microsoft.NodejsTools" at compile time of that all satellite assemblies required are loadable and fully signed.

Expected Behavior

Open of window.

Actual Behavior


About Microsoft Visual Studio)-->
  • NTVS Version:
  • Visual Studio Version: 15.0.0-RTW+26228.4
  • Node.js Version: 1.3.50201,.08
Steps to Reproduce
  • Install WIN 10 En Enterprise. patch up
  • Install VS 2017 Pro
  • Install NodeJs
  • Go to Tools / Node.js Tools / Diagnostic Info...
  • Watch error.


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  • weixin_39796149 weixin_39796149 4月前

    Thanks. I just verified this also. We'll look into it.

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  • weixin_39796149 weixin_39796149 4月前

    (note: this is there only for internal diagnostics to help investigate other issues... are you hitting other issues you need the output from this window for?)

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  • weixin_39805734 weixin_39805734 4月前

    No. I just wanted to see whether my node install worked, so I went there and... voila. Everything seems to work fine. Technically I am trying to set up a minimal angular 4 site and am going nuts over it, but that is another story.

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  • weixin_39832965 weixin_39832965 4月前

    Hi guys, I have the same issue with the diagnostic window right here on my fresh Win 10 & VS2017 Professional.

    OS and VS versions are same as above (and of course after NodeJs 6 installation).

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  • weixin_39916379 weixin_39916379 4月前

    Thanks, there is a fix which will be part of VS 2017 Update 1.

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