2021-01-06 04:29

Editor - integrating basic visual editor

This PR integrates an early version of the new hybrid editor into WPAndroid for testing only.


Things that should be working: - Creating a post/page - Editing a post/page - Saving draft, auto-save - Publishing a post/page - Basic formatting (bold, italics, strikethrough (tablet only), lists, blockquotes)

Not yet implemented: - Adding media and links - HTML editing mode - Preview (existing preview still being used) - Post settings

There are a few known bugs listed here.


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  • weixin_39752087 weixin_39752087 4月前

    Added a toggle for the new editor in the settings screen:


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  • weixin_39843847 weixin_39843847 4月前

    I noticed a small bug.

    When you first install the app the visual editor is enabled in the account settings, however when you edit a post, the old editor remains. If I go into account settings and toggle the editor off and then on again, the pref_key_visual_editor_enabled will be set to true and everything works just fine.

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  • weixin_39752087 weixin_39752087 4月前
    • Dropped the isDebugBuild check
    • Fixed the issue where the old editor would be displayed until you visited the settings activity

    Ready for another look , !

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  • weixin_39643255 weixin_39643255 4月前


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