2021-01-06 06:51

Dnsmasq metrics

Posting the dnsmasq-metrics daemon. This still needs to be done:

This commit is towards resolving issue https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/issues/29060 - e2e test with a dnsmasq server running in a container - readme.md instructions

I'm posting this early to get some feedback.

Note: for the build, I used thockin's template.

This change is Reviewable


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  • weixin_39607620 weixin_39607620 4月前


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  • weixin_39992199 weixin_39992199 4月前

    /lgtm cancel //PR changed after LGTM, removing LGTM.

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  • weixin_39992199 weixin_39992199 4月前


    Thanks for your pull request. It looks like this may be your first contribution to a CNCF open source project. Before we can look at your pull request, you'll need to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

    :memo: Please visit https://identity.linuxfoundation.org/projects/cncf to sign.

    Once you've signed, please reply here (e.g. "I signed it!") and we'll verify. Thanks.

    • If you've already signed a CLA, it's possible we don't have your GitHub username or you're using a different email address. Check your existing CLA data and verify that your email is set on your git commits.
    • If you signed the CLA as a corporation, please sign in with your organization's credentials at https://identity.linuxfoundation.org/projects/cncf to be authorized.
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  • weixin_39921131 weixin_39921131 4月前

    Another great example of the utility of Pods.

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  • weixin_39992199 weixin_39992199 4月前

    Automatic merge from submit-queue

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  • weixin_39892309 weixin_39892309 4月前

    Is there already an image of this on gcr and I can't find it or is it not there yet?

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  • weixin_39835607 weixin_39835607 4月前

    : sorry about that -- it should be up now

    $ docker pull gcr.io/google_containers/dnsmasq-metrics-amd64:1.0
    1.0: Pulling from google_containers/dnsmasq-metrics-amd64
    Digest: sha256:4063e37fd9b2fd91b7cc5392ed32b30b9c8162c4c7ad2787624306fc133e80a9
    Status: Image is up to date for gcr.io/google_containers/dnsmasq-metrics-amd64:1.0
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