2021-01-06 21:19

what is wong: even the "borderify" demo NOT working any more?

My own Firefox extension is NOT working any more: * I created my own extension one/two years ago! * So it worked with old version Firefox (don't remember the exact version)!

But with current Firefox, I found: * Even the simple demo "borderify" fails too! * (There is no error; we just do NOT see the "boderfiy" effect at all) * (Your First Extension: borderify)

What is wrong? (I am currently using Firefox 68.0.1) Does Firefox change any policy?


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  • weixin_39986178 weixin_39986178 4月前

    I just followed the tutorial and it did work for me. would you show your manifest and js files?

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  • weixin_39904809 weixin_39904809 4月前

    Same here, doesn't work at all.

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  • weixin_39851887 weixin_39851887 4月前

    and Are you trying to observe the results in Private window? If so, it won't work. Try using the Inspect button, it will offer you insights as you try to use the extension

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  • weixin_39974932 weixin_39974932 4月前

    I just tried this. Borderify didn't work for me. Neither did my own extension. Turns out the reason was because I had set "Firefox will: Never remember history" in my Preferences. This makes Firefox constantly use private browsing windows, which by nature disable all add-ons. You need to turn off this setting to test add-ons.

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  • weixin_39706127 weixin_39706127 4月前

    Well now I'm curious. Did the advice from or get it working for you?

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