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求帮助:这个SDK文件下加个回声抑制算法,目前状况是开发了一款视频通话软件,通过机顶盒,机顶盒是安卓5.0系统。环境是,机顶盒通过usb口驱采集动连接一体的麦克风和摄像头采集声音和图像,然后由电视机播出。 可能原因是以前都用专业的硬件降噪处理,软件的降噪没有写。或者是因为机顶盒采集,电视播出声音算法不是作用在同一机器上导致的问题。求大神帮忙二次封装sdk或者什么别的方法在SDK库下处理,或者能提供好的方案,最好接口什么不要改变,在线等急急急!!!!!谢谢

webrtc 原生的js怎么调用AEC 消除回音模块

//获取音视频. function getUserMedia() { try { navigator.getUserMedia({ 'audio' : true, 'video' : pVideo }, onUserMediaSuccess, onUserMediaError); } catch (e) { try { navigator.getUserMedia("video,audio", onUserMediaSuccess, onUserMediaError); } catch (e) { alert(e.message); console.log(e); } } } //加载本地 视频 function onUserMediaSuccess(stream) { console.log("User has granted access to local media."); var url = URL.createObjectURL(stream); = 1; localVideo.src = url; localStream = stream; if (initiator) maybeStart(); } //创建 PeerConnection function createPeerConnection() { try { pc = new RTCPeerConnection(pc_config); pc.onicecandidate = onIceCandidate; } catch (e) { try { var stun_server = ""; if (pc_config.iceServers.length !== 0) { stun_server = pc_config.iceServers[0].url.replace('stun:', 'STUN '); } pc = new RTCPeerConnection(stun_server, onIceCandidate); isRTCPeerConnection = false; console.log("Created webkitPeerConnnection00 with config \"" + stun_server + "\"."); } catch (e) { alert("Failed to create PeerConnection, exception: " + e.message); return; } } pc.onconnecting = onSessionConnecting; pc.onopen = onSessionOpened; pc.onaddstream = onRemoteStreamAdded; pc.onremovestream = onRemoteStreamRemoved; } ``` ```


<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>so I just created my first website and I'm using php file to communicate with my android app.. The android app is requesting for alot of data and the php is sending it back to it.</p> <p>The only way I have found yet to send data from php to the android is via <code>echo</code></p> <p>I have alot of strings and pictures in my data and I seperate them all with ugly <code>"BUFFER1"</code> style buffers between each data as it all comes out eventually as a long string combined together..</p> <p>Here is an example:</p> <pre><code>&lt;?php $input_number = $_POST["In_Number"]; $path = ("Folder/" . $input_number); $Data1 = file_get_contents($path . "/data1.txt"); $Data2 = file_get_contents($path . "/data2.txt"); $Data3 = file_get_contents($path . "/data3.txt"); echo $Data1; echo "STREAMING_BUFFER"; echo $Data2; echo "STREAMING_BUFFER"; echo $Data3; echo "STREAMING_BUFFER"; ... // sending the pictures now (encoded..) $pic_folder_path = ("Folder/" . $input_number . "/pics/"); $pics_pathes = array_diff(scandir($pic_folder_path), array('..', '.')); foreach($pics_pathes as $pic_path){ $image = file_get_contents($pic_folder_path . $pic_path); echo base64_encode($image); echo "PICTURE_BUFFER"; } echo "STREAMING_BUFFER"; // END ?&gt; </code></pre> <p>The android to php communicate is much simpler.. I use the <code>POST</code> method to send <code>&lt;key,value&gt;</code> pairs and I can easily read them that way..</p> <pre><code>&lt;?php $name = $_POST["name"]; $image = $_POST["image"]; $decodedImage = base64_decode("$image"); file_put_contents("pictures/" . $name . ".JPG", $decodedImage); ?&gt; </code></pre> <p>The <code>name</code> is easily separated from the <code>image</code> data.. and sure I could seperate that way much more data</p> <p>Is there any similar way for the php to android way?</p> <p>Thanks.</p> </div>

android 听筒模式,请教下大家,怎么解决!

网上找了一大推资料,还是没有解决 audioManager.setMode(AudioManager.MODE_NORMAL); 还是用 audioManager.setMode(AudioManager.MODE_IN_COMMUNICATION); 都无法解决. 还有人通过反射,但是里面的 setVolumeControlStream(AudioManager.STREAM_VOICE_CALL); 这个方法在编译通不过,有谁知道,或者实现过的听筒模式的,帮个忙!谢谢


<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>In my .php file I use the following to return the category that my posts are in:</p> <p><code>&lt;?php echo single_cat_title(); ?&gt;</code></p> <p>The category title is then returned in my URL. HOWEVER, since my category is two words ("South Africa"), the URL reads: "south%20africa" instead of "southafrica".</p> <p>I know that the "%20" is being inserted because urls cannot have breaks. Is there a way to edit the above <code>&lt;?php echo single_cat_title(); ?&gt;</code> to return the category title but eliminate any breaks?</p> </div>


<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>I´ve this code:</p> <pre><code> echo '&lt;div style="background-size: 100%; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-image:url( render/eu/' . $newString.');"&gt; switch ($rasse) { case "11": echo "Tauren"; break; case "12": echo "Troll!"; break; default: echo "No Character."; } </code></pre> <p>The problem is that I´ve an echo inside of an echo so the "switch-statement" doesn´t get executed. How do I handle thi?</p> </div>


<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>I know this is possible but I just can't make it work. I know I am getting stuck with ""`s or ; or )</p> <p>So, here is the code : </p> <pre><code>function my_login_head() { echo " &lt;style&gt; body.login #login h1 a {"; &lt;?php echo "background: url("myfunction('image', get_template_directory_uri() ."/images/image.png");?&gt; ") no-repeat scroll center top transparent; height: 90px; width: 100px; } &lt;/style&gt; "; ?&gt; </code></pre> <p>I can't get the punctuation right. I just want to execute 'myfunction', and get the url atribute right.</p> </div>

PHP - 关联数组中的回声值

<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>I feel like I am losing my mind.</p> <pre><code>&lt;?php print_r($roc_option); ?&gt; </code></pre> <p>prints out this:</p> <blockquote> <p>Array ( ['class'] =&gt; classnew1 ['id'] =&gt; idnew1 )</p> </blockquote> <p>but then, on the next line,</p> <pre><code>&lt;?php echo $roc_option['class']; ?&gt; </code></pre> <p>prints out NOTHING.</p> <p>Any ideas what is going on?</p> <p>Context: This is happening inside a foreach loop. A similar construction outside the loop, <code>echo $roc_options[0]['class'];</code> provide similarly nothing.</p> <p>EDIT</p> <p>Complete context (lots of debugging crud added to keep me sane)</p> <p>Code</p> <pre><code>echo "ln1 -- &lt;br&gt;"; print_r(array_values( $roc_options )); echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln2 -- &lt;br&gt;"; print_r(array_values( $roc_options[0] )); echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln3a -- &lt;br&gt;"; echo $roc_options[0]['class']; echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln3b -- &lt;br&gt;"; echo $roc_options[0][0]; foreach ( $roc_options as $roc_option ){ echo "&lt;br&gt;inside foreach &lt;br&gt;"; echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln4 -- &lt;br&gt;"; print_r($roc_option); echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln5 -- &lt;br&gt;"; echo $roc_option[0]; </code></pre> <p>output</p> <blockquote> <p>ln1 -- Array ( [0] =&gt; Array ( ['class'] =&gt; classnew1 ['id'] =&gt; idnew1 ) )</p> <p>ln2 -- Array ( [0] =&gt; classnew1 [1] =&gt; idnew1 )</p> <p>ln3a --</p> <p>ln3b --</p> <p>inside foreach</p> <p>ln4 -- Array ( ['class'] =&gt; classnew1 ['id'] =&gt; idnew1 )</p> <p>ln5 --</p> </blockquote> <p>I cannot understand why 3a, 3b, and 5 are all empty.</p> <hr> <p>IT GOES ON AND ON</p> <p>I switched to var_dumps and forced some new names in, just to make sure the form was saving properly...</p> <p>CODE:</p> <pre><code> var_dump($roc_options); echo "ln1 -- &lt;br&gt;"; print_r(array_values( $roc_options )); echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln2 -- &lt;br&gt;"; print_r(array_values( $roc_options[0] )); echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln3a -- &lt;br&gt;"; var_dump( $roc_options[0]['class'] ); echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln3b -- &lt;br&gt;"; var_dump( $roc_options[0][0]); foreach ( $roc_options as $roc_option ){ echo "&lt;br&gt;inside foreach &lt;br&gt;"; echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln4 -- &lt;br&gt;"; print_r($roc_option); echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln5 -- &lt;br&gt;"; var_dump( $roc_option[0] ); echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln6 -- &lt;br&gt;"; var_dump( $roc_option['class'] ); echo "&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;ln7 -- &lt;br&gt;"; var_dump( $roc_option["id"] ); </code></pre> <p>output</p> <blockquote> <p>array(1) { [0]=&gt; array(2) { ["'class'"]=&gt; string(9) "new class" ["'id'"]=&gt; string(6) "new id" } } ln1 -- Array ( [0] =&gt; Array ( ['class'] =&gt; new class ['id'] =&gt; new id ) )</p> <p>ln2 -- Array ( [0] =&gt; new class [1] =&gt; new id )</p> <p>ln3a -- NULL</p> <p>ln3b -- NULL inside foreach</p> <p>ln4 -- Array ( ['class'] =&gt; new class ['id'] =&gt; new id )</p> <p>ln5 -- NULL</p> <p>ln6 -- NULL</p> <p>ln6 -- NULL</p> </blockquote> <p>Notice ln4 --- $roc_option is an array with two items. then look at 5-7 I can't get the value out with a numerical index or with a key name, whether in single or double quotes. (When I try without quotes at all, the page doesn't load.)</p> </div>

如果回声xxx - >回声xxx

<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>This is my Code;</p> <p><code>$output = curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); $temperatur = explode('T":', $output); echo substr($temperatur[1], 0, 4);</code></p> <p>the echo substr gives me a number (e.g. 44). Is there a way in php to check if this number is under 50 and if yes, echo "blablaba".</p> <p>I did something like this, but it wont work</p> <pre><code> $output = curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); $temperatur = explode('T":', $output); $check = substr($temperatur[1], 0, 4); if ($check &lt; "50") { echo "blabalabla"; } </code></pre> <p>Thank you for your help!</p> </div>


如何做一个Windows端的多人语音通话?目前我知道可以做音频采集的有DirectSound,portAudio,Naudio。但语音的网络数据怎么传输不知道,mic的噪音如何抑制,回声消除?多人语音接收端的混音算法? 降噪已知Speex,Webrtc。


Problem Description There are many gods and devils living on HDU Island, and echo is one of them. Gods always tell the truth whereas devils sometimes tell the truth but sometimes not. What's more, every god and devil knows all the others are a god or a devil. One day, an accident unfortunately happened which made echo lose her memory. She was so despairing and determined to turn to others for help. She asked all the residents a question, but all of the answers were merely "Be careful! X is a devil!". As a result she failed to arouse her memory. However, she has to find out a method to calculate the minimum number of devils on the island. Could you help echo to manage it well? Input There are multi-cases (The total number of cases won't exceed 20). First line is an integer N(1<=N<=15000), the total number of gods and devils. Then N lines follow, each line includes a name, and the length of each name won't exceed 30. The first name is "echo". The next N-1 lines will be as the formation "A says: Be careful! B is a devil!"(A is different from B), and you can assume that at least one of them will consider echo is a devil and says "Be careful! echo is a devil!". Output Output the minimum number of devils in the island. Sample Input 3 echo bigdog smalldog smalldog says: Be careful! bigdog is a devil! bigdog says: Be careful! echo is a devil! 4 echo Lethe bigdog smalldog Lethe says: Be careful! bigdog is a devil! smalldog says: Be careful! echo is a devil! bigdog says: Be careful! smalldog is a devil! Sample Output 1 2


<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>I'm trying to identify a visitor's phone type based on their UserAgent string. I can't find the error in my code, however. </p> <pre><code>&lt;?php //create an array to be filled with phone type $arr = phones(); $iphone = strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"iPhone"); $android = strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"Android"); $palmpre = strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"webOS"); $berry = strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"BlackBerry"); $ipod = strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"iPod"); $nokia = strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"Nokia"); if ($iphone || $android || $palmpre || $ipod || $berry || $nokia == true) { echo "Specially for you as $iphone owner!"; } ?&gt; </code></pre> </div>


<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <div class="question-status question-originals-of-duplicate"> <p>This question already has an answer here:</p> <ul> <li> <a href="/questions/8336858/how-to-combine-two-strings-together-in-php" dir="ltr">How to combine two strings together in PHP?</a> <span class="question-originals-answer-count"> 17 answers </span> </li> </ul> </div> <p>Apologies in advance though I've tried and failed several different things and obviously I'm not a php pro just yet. I'm looking for a way to tidy up my code here, I'm pretty certain I don't need to continually type "echo" for each line but can't work out how to combine my code to achieve the same result, any ideas?</p> <p></p><div class="snippet" data-lang="js" data-hide="false" data-console="true" data-babel="false"> <div class="snippet-code"> <pre class="snippet-code-html lang-html prettyprint-override"><code>&lt;?php $values = get_field('bothscoreno'); $url = "$values"; $arr = str_split("$url, PHP_URL_QUERY"); if ($url) { echo $arr[11]; echo $arr[12]; echo $arr[13]; echo $arr[14]; echo $arr[15]; echo $arr[16]; } else { echo 'No'; } ?&gt;</code></pre> </div> </div> <p>Thanks in advance.</p> </div>

php - 没有其他回声的回声没有显示

<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>I got this error and I don't really know why.</p> <pre><code>switch($op) { case "check" : $result = $Login-&gt;login($data,array()); break; } echo json_encode($result); </code></pre> <p>and, it's not echoing the string.</p> <p>if I put an echo before or after, it works</p> <pre><code>echo json_encode($result); echo '.'; </code></pre> <p>returns </p> <pre><code>{"status":false,"errID":4,"errTxt":"Invalid password"}. </code></pre> <p>var_dump returns </p> <pre><code>string(50ish) "{"status":false,"errID":4,"errTxt":"Invalid password"}" </code></pre> <p>Any ideeas why it's not echoing it without other stuff echoed too?</p> <p>Edit</p> <pre><code>$str = json_encode($result); echo $str; </code></pre> <p>returns nothing but </p> <pre><code>$str = json_encode($result); $str .= '-'; echo $str; </code></pre> <p>returns </p> <pre><code>{"status":false,"errID":3,"errTxt":"Invalid email"}- </code></pre> <p>So it won't echo the string, but if I append something after it, it will echo it.</p> <p>LE: with die() after echo sill nothing</p> </div>

在回声中使用回声PHP [重复]

<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <div class="question-status question-originals-of-duplicate"> <p>This question already has an answer here:</p> <ul> <li> <a href="/questions/2364399/how-to-echo-an-echo-in-php" dir="ltr">How to echo an echo in php?</a> <span class="question-originals-answer-count"> 5 answers </span> </li> </ul> </div> <p>In PHP is it possible to use site_url within an echo statement that already contains text? For instance could i change:</p> <pre><code>$data['following'] = 'You are not following ' . $name . ' &lt;a href="' . $name . ' "&gt;Follow this user&lt;/a&gt;'; </code></pre> <p>to </p> <pre><code>$data['following'] = 'You are not following ' . $name . ' &lt;a href="&lt;?php echo site_url("user/follow"); ?&gt;"&gt;Follow this user&lt;/a&gt; </code></pre> </div>


有两个问题: 1.在linphone下如何开启VAD(静音抑制)功能? 2.linphone中的回声消除(echo-cancellation)和回声门限(echo-limiter)两者的区别是什么?其相对应的各项配置参数代表啥意思? echo-cancellation的: ![图片说明]( echo-limiter的: ![图片说明]( 希望各位大神帮忙~本菜感激不尽!!


<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>How can i display variable only once in the table.</p> <pre><code>&lt;?php $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM babydata"); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)) { for ($i = 1; $i &lt;= 72; $i++) { if ($i == $weeknumber) { echo "&lt;tr&gt;&lt;td width='40'&gt;Week $i&lt;/td&gt;"; echo "&lt;td width='500' &gt;" . count($row[$menucompare]) . "&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;"; } } } ?&gt; </code></pre> <p>this code display like this:</p> <pre><code>-------------- week4 | 1 ------------- week4 | 1 ------------- </code></pre> <p>But i want to display weeknumber only once and <code>count($row[$menucompare])</code> will be counted 2 in week 4 . not 1 and 1 .</p> <p>Like this:</p> <pre><code>-------------- week4 | 2 --------------- </code></pre> </div>


<div class="post-text" itemprop="text"> <p>I am using <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Echo</a> for my web application. I tried to implement Login and Logout. When I tried to logout, its not clearing the session. Here is my code:</p> <pre><code>func Logout(c echo.Context) error { sess, _ := session.Get("session", c) sess.Options = &amp;sessions.Options{ Path: "/", MaxAge: -1, HttpOnly: true, } sess.Values["username"] = "" sess.Values["authenticated"] = "" sess.Save(c.Request(), c.Response()) return c.Redirect(http.StatusSeeOther, "/") } </code></pre> <p>After logout I checked the session values, its not changing or clearing anything. I am using these packages for session management:</p> <pre><code>"" "" </code></pre> </div>

技术大佬:我去,你写的 switch 语句也太老土了吧

昨天早上通过远程的方式 review 了两名新来同事的代码,大部分代码都写得很漂亮,严谨的同时注释也很到位,这令我非常满意。但当我看到他们当中有一个人写的 switch 语句时,还是忍不住破口大骂:“我擦,小王,你丫写的 switch 语句也太老土了吧!” 来看看小王写的代码吧,看完不要骂我装逼啊。 private static String createPlayer(PlayerTypes p...


提到“程序员”,多数人脑海里首先想到的大约是:为人木讷、薪水超高、工作枯燥…… 然而,当离开工作岗位,撕去层层标签,脱下“程序员”这身外套,有的人生动又有趣,马上展现出了完全不同的A/B面人生! 不论是简单的爱好,还是正经的副业,他们都干得同样出色。偶尔,还能和程序员的特质结合,产生奇妙的“化学反应”。 @Charlotte:平日素颜示人,周末美妆博主 大家都以为程序媛也个个不修边幅,但我们也许...


CSDN:因博主近期注重写专栏文章(已超过150篇),订阅博主专栏人数在突增,近期很有可能提高专栏价格(已订阅的不受影响),提前声明,敬请理解! 目录 博客声明 大数据了解博主粉丝 博主的粉丝群体画像 粉丝群体性别比例、年龄分布 粉丝群体学历分布、职业分布、行业分布 国内、国外粉丝群体地域分布 博主的近期访问每日增量、粉丝每日增量 博客声明 因近期博主写专栏的文章越来越多,也越来越精细,逐步优化文章。因此,最近一段时间,订阅博主专栏的人数增长也非常快,并且专栏价




接着上回说,培训班学习生涯结束了。后面每天就是无休止的背面试题,不是没有头脑的背,培训公司还是有方法的,现在回想当时背的面试题好像都用上了,也被问到了。回头找找面试题,当时都是打印下来天天看,天天背。 不理解呢也要背,面试造飞机,上班拧螺丝。班里的同学开始四处投简历面试了,很快就有面试成功的,刚开始一个,然后越来越多。不知道是什么原因,尝到胜利果实的童鞋,不满足于自己通过的公司,嫌薪水要少了,选择...

面试了一个 31 岁程序员,让我有所触动,30岁以上的程序员该何去何从?





已经连续五年参加大厂校招、社招的技术面试工作,简历看的不下于万份 这篇文章会用实例告诉你,什么是差的程序员简历! 疫情快要结束了,各个公司也都开始春招了,作为即将红遍大江南北的新晋UP主,那当然要为小伙伴们做点事(手动狗头)。 就在公众号里公开征简历,义务帮大家看,并一一点评。《启舰:春招在即,义务帮大家看看简历吧》 一石激起千层浪,三天收到两百多封简历。 花光了两个星期的所有空闲时...


近日,有网友在某职场社交平台吐槽,自己裸辞两个月了,但是找工作却让自己的心态都要崩溃了,全部无果,不是已查看无回音,就是已查看不符合。 “工作八年,两年一跳,裸辞两个月了,之前月薪60K,最近找工作找的心态崩了!所有招聘工具都用了,全部无果,不是已查看无回音,就是已查看不符合。进头条,滴滴之类的大厂很难吗???!!!投简历投的开始怀疑人生了!希望 可以收到大厂offer” 先来看看网...


这是世界编程大赛第一名作品(97年Mekka ’97 4K Intro比赛)汇编语言所写。 整个文件只有4095个字节, 大小仅仅为16KB! 不仅实现了3D动画的效果!还有一段震撼人心的背景音乐!!! 内容无法以言语形容,实在太强大! 下面是代码,具体操作看最后! @echo off more +1 %~s0|debug e100 33 f6 bf 0 20 b5 10 f3 a5...

不要再到处使用 === 了

我们知道现在的开发人员都使用 === 来代替 ==,为什么呢?我在网上看到的大多数教程都认为,要预测 JavaScript 强制转换是如何工作这太复杂了,因此建议总是使用===。这些都...


A站 AcFun弹幕视频网,简称“A站”,成立于2007年6月,取意于Anime Comic Fun,是中国大陆第一家弹幕视频网站。A站以视频为载体,逐步发展出基于原生内容二次创作的完整生态,拥有高质量互动弹幕,是中国弹幕文化的发源地;拥有大量超粘性的用户群体,产生输出了金坷垃、鬼畜全明星、我的滑板鞋、小苹果等大量网络流行文化,也是中国二次元文化的发源地。 B站 全称“哔哩哔哩(bilibili...




前期回顾: MySQL性能优化(一):MySQL架构与核心问题 MySQL性能优化(二):选择优化的数据类型 MySQL性能优化(三):深入理解索引的这点事 MySQL性能优化(四):如何高效正确的使用索引 前面章节我们介绍了如何选择优化的数据类型、如何高效的使用索引,这些对于高性能的MySQL来说是必不可少的。但这些还完全不够,还需要合理的设计查询。如果查询写的很糟糕,即使表结构再合理、索引再...

用了这个 IDE 插件,5分钟解决前后端联调!

点击上方蓝色“程序猿DD”,选择“设为星标”回复“资源”获取独家整理的学习资料!作者 |李海庆我是一个 Web 开发前端工程师,受到疫情影响,今天是我在家办公的第78天。开发了两周,...

大厂的 404 页面都长啥样?最后一个笑了...

每天浏览各大网站,难免会碰到404页面啊。你注意过404页面么?猿妹搜罗来了下面这些知名网站的404页面,以供大家欣赏,看看哪个网站更有创意: 正在上传…重新上传取消 腾讯 正在上传…重新上传取消 网易 淘宝 百度 新浪微博 正在上传…重新上传取消 新浪 京东 优酷 腾讯视频 搜...


网上很多的文章和帖子中在介绍秒杀系统时,说是在下单时使用异步削峰来进行一些限流操作,那都是在扯淡! 因为下单操作在整个秒杀系统的流程中属于比较靠后的操作了,限流操作一定要前置处理,在秒杀业务后面的流程中做限流操作是没啥卵用的。


不怕告诉你,我自从喜欢上了这12个UP主,哔哩哔哩成为了我手机上最耗电的软件,几乎每天都会看,可是吧,看的越多,我就越觉得自己是个废柴,唉,老天不公啊,不信你看看…… 间接性踌躇满志,持续性混吃等死,都是因为你们……但是,自己的学习力在慢慢变强,这是不容忽视的,推荐给你们! 都说B站是个宝,可是有人不会挖啊,没事,今天咱挖好的送你一箩筐,首先啊,我在B站上最喜欢看这个家伙的视频了,为啥 ,咱撇...


某站后端代码被“开源”,同时刷遍全网的,还有代码里的那些神注释。 我们这才知道,原来程序员个个都是段子手;这么多年来,我们也走过了他们的无数套路… 首先,产品经理,是永远永远吐槽不完的!网友的评论也非常扎心,说看这些代码就像在阅读程序员的日记,每一页都写满了对产品经理的恨。 然后,也要发出直击灵魂的质问:你是尊贵的付费大会员吗? 这不禁让人想起之前某音乐app的穷逼Vip,果然,穷逼在哪里都是...

Java14 新特性解读

Java14 已于 2020 年 3 月 17 号发布,官方特性解读在这里:以下是个人对于特性的中文式...


小弟最近在学校无聊的很哪,浏览网页突然看到一张图片,都快流鼻血。。。然后小弟冥思苦想,得干一点有趣的事情python 爬虫库安装

疫情后北上广深租房价格跌了吗? | Alfred数据室


面试官给我挖坑:a[i][j] 和 a[j][i] 有什么区别?

点击上方“朱小厮的博客”,选择“设为星标”后台回复&#34;1024&#34;领取公众号专属资料本文以一个简单的程序开头——数组赋值:int LEN = 10000; int[][] ...


就在昨天互联网又发生一起让人心酸的程序员犯罪事件,著名的百度不限速下载软件 Pandownload PC 版作者被警方抓获。案件大致是这样的:软件的作者不仅非法盗取用户数据,还在QQ群进...





Intellij IDEA 美化指南

经常有人问我,你的 IDEA 配色哪里搞的,我会告诉他我自己改的。作为生产力工具,不但要顺手而且更要顺眼。这样才能快乐编码,甚至降低 BUG 率。上次分享了一些 IDEA 有用的插件,反...



太厉害了,终于有人能把TCP/IP 协议讲的明明白白了

一图看完本文 一、 计算机网络体系结构分层 计算机网络体系结构分层 计算机网络体系结构分层 不难看出,TCP/IP 与 OSI 在分层模块上稍有区别。OSI 参考模型注重“通信协议必要的功能是什么”,而 TCP/IP 则更强调“在计算机上实现协议应该开发哪种程序”。 二、 TCP/IP 基础 1. TCP/IP 的具体含义 从字面意义上讲,有人可能会认为...

腾讯面试题: 百度搜索为什么那么快?

我还记得去年面腾讯时,面试官最后一个问题是:百度/google的搜索为什么那么快? 这个问题我懵了,我从来没想过,搜素引擎的原理是什么 然后我回答:百度爬取了各个网站的信息,然后进行排序,当输入关键词的时候进行文档比对……巴拉巴拉 面试官:这不是我想要的答案 我内心 这个问题我一直耿耿于怀,终于今天,我把他写出来,以后再问,我直接把这篇文章甩给他!!! 两个字:倒排,将贯穿整篇文章,也是面试官...

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