Happy Three Friends

Problem Description
Dong-hao , Grandpa Shawn , Beautful-leg Mzry are good friends. One day , they want to play a game.

There are 6 numbers on the table.

Firstly , Dong-hao can change the order of 6 numbers.

Secondly , Grandpa Shawn take the first one and the last one , sum them up as his scores.

Thirdly , Beautiful-leg Mzry take any of 3 numbers from the last 4 numbers , and sum them up as his scores.

Finally , if Grandpa Shawn's score is larger than Beautiful-leg Mzry's , Granpa Shawn wins!

If Grandpa Shawn's score is smaller than Beautiful-leg Mzry's , Granpa Shawn loses.

If the scores are equal , there is a tie.

Nowadays , it's really sad that Grandpa Shawn loses his love. So Dong-hao wants him to win(not even tie). You have to tell Dong-hao whether he can achieve his goal.

There is a number T shows there are T test cases below. ( T <= 50)

For each test case , there are 6 numbers Ai ( 1 <= Ai <= 100 ).

If Dong-hao can achieve his goal , output "Grandpa Shawn is the Winner!"
If he can not , output "What a sad story!"

Sample Input
1 2 3 3 2 2
2 2 2 2 2 2
1 2 2 2 3 4

Sample Output
What a sad story!
What a sad story!
Grandpa Shawn is the Winner!


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