2021-01-07 15:17

Restart debugging stops debugging instead

When using this app with the 2018.8.0-beta version of the extension: https://github.com/qubitron/stackoverflow-flask

Add the flask debug configuration, start debugging, and then press restart debugging

Expected: app stops and starts debugging Actual: app stops debugging and doesn't start again


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  • weixin_39609170 weixin_39609170 4月前

    Can you verify, ?

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  • weixin_39864601 weixin_39864601 4月前

    Can confirm, happens with non-flask configurations as well. Doesn't happen with non-python debug sessions.

    Running the extension on version 2018.8.0 (not beta as far as I know)

    VS Code version: Code 1.27.1 (5944e81f3c46a3938a82c701f96d7a59b074cfdc, 2018-09-06T09:14:32.385Z) OS version: Darwin x64 17.7.0

    System Info |Item|Value| |---|---| |CPUs|Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7360U CPU @ 2.30GHz (4 x 2300)| |GPU Status|2d_canvas: enabled
    checker_imaging: disabled_off
    flash_3d: enabled
    flash_stage3d: enabled
    flash_stage3d_baseline: enabled
    gpu_compositing: enabled
    multiple_raster_threads: enabled_on
    native_gpu_memory_buffers: enabled
    rasterization: enabled
    video_decode: enabled
    video_encode: enabled
    webgl: enabled
    webgl2: enabled| |Load (avg)|2, 2, 2| |Memory (System)|8.00GB (0.11GB free)| |Process Argv|/Applications/Visual Studio Code.app/Contents/MacOS/Electron| |Screen Reader|no| |VM|0%| Extensions (24) Extension|Author (truncated)|Version ---|---|--- vscode-glsllint|CAD|0.0.3 glsl-canvas|cir|0.1.91 bracket-pair-colorizer|Coe|1.0.59 make-hidden|dev|2.3.1 githistory|don|0.4.2 vsc-material-theme|Equ|2.4.2 gc-excelviewer|Gra|2.1.26 githd|hui|1.2.1 Kotlin|mat|1.6.0 gitignore|mic|1.0.1 vscode-clang|mit|0.2.2 python|ms-|2018.8.0 vsliveshare|ms-|0.3.623 snippet-creator|nik|0.0.4 vscode-icons|rob|7.25.0 preview-vscode|sea|1.4.4 gitconfig|sid|2.0.0 shader|sle|1.1.3 mako|tom|0.2.0 cmake|twx|0.0.17 vim|vsc|0.16.3 vscode-wakatime|Wak|1.2.3 vscode-todo-highlight|way|1.0.4 local-history|xyz|1.7.0 (2 theme extensions excluded)


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  • weixin_39715907 weixin_39715907 4月前

    Looks like something change that caused a regression https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode-python/issues/2064

    I can replicate with a simple python script.

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  • weixin_39715907 weixin_39715907 4月前

    As the hack (workaround) in the VSC Extension has failed, I think its time to wait for a proper fix from PTVSD. https://github.com/Microsoft/ptvsd/issues/530

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  • weixin_39612733 weixin_39612733 4月前

    Closing as it isn't happening anymore.

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