2021-01-07 15:32

Update bleach requirement for released ckan

CKAN Version if known (or site URL)

2.5 from source

Please describe the expected behaviour

everything working :)

Please describe the actual behaviour

bleach 1.4.2 does not seem to have proper pinning of dependencies. HTML5Lib has changed, making it incompatible with older code. ImportError: No module named sanitizer

Updating bleach to 1.4.3 should fix this. This is already done in master.

What steps can be taken to reproduce the issue?

Install 2.5.* from source


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  • weixin_39655981 weixin_39655981 4月前

    This change also fixed a problem we had with ckanext-harvest. html5lib-0.999999999 was demanding a newer version of setuptools than travis gave it by default:

    html5lib requires setuptools version 18.5 or above; please upgrade before installing (you have 12.0.5)

    But hacking the build script to use ckan branch release-2.5.3, it gets bleach 1.4.3 and now pulls in html5lib-0.9999999 which doesn't have this error.


    I won't merge the ckanext-harvest hack though, but rest assured it'll go green when the ckan release is done.

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  • weixin_39598584 weixin_39598584 4月前

    Also see https://github.com/ckan/ckan/pull/3181

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  • weixin_39768083 weixin_39768083 4月前

    Thanks . Fixed on the 2.5.3 branch

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  • weixin_39608509 weixin_39608509 4月前

    Hi. Could you please update the 2.5-latest branch as well?

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  • weixin_39975486 weixin_39975486 4月前

    that branch will be updated as soon as the 2.5 point release is out

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  • weixin_39608509 weixin_39608509 4月前

    thanks for the answer :)

    Any estimate on when that will happen? I have failing tests for my plugin ;)

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  • weixin_39975486 weixin_39975486 4月前

    as a stopgap you can add the same requirement to your extension's setup for its tests

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