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Problem Description

Some day, Tom's father buys him a box of dominoes blocks. In the box, there are 12 different blocks, which are shown above. Tom is a boy who likes to do practice in intelligence, so he spends a whole afternoon in finishing two different rectangles with 3 * 20, which are shown below.



Tom is sure that these are the only solutions for 3 * 20, and he wants to know the number of solutions for 4 * 15, 5 * 12, ... Can you help him?

You should notice that if a solution will be the same as the other by some flip or rotate, these two solutions should be consider as the same.

There may be several test cases. Each contains a single line with two positive integers M and N, which means the shape of M * N. Here M * N = 60.

For each test case, output a line contains the number of solutions.

Sample Input
1 60
3 20

Sample Output


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