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Marriage is Stable

Problem Description
Albert, Brad, Chuck are happy bachelors who are in love with Laura, Marcy, Nancy. They all have three choices. But in fact, they do have some preference in mind. Say Albert, he likes Laura best, but that doesn't necesarily mean Laura likes him. Laura likes Chuck more than Albert. So if Albert can't marry Laura, he thinks Nancy a sensible choice. For Albert, he orders the girls Laura > Nancy > Marcy.

For the boys:

Albert: Laura > Nancy > Marcy
Brad: Marcy > Nancy > Laura
Chuck: Laura > Marcy > Nancy

For the girls:

Laura: Chuck > Albert > Brad
Marcy: Albert > Chuck > Brad
Nancy: Brad > Albert > Chuck

But if they were matched randomly, such as

Albert <-> Laura
Brad <-> Marcy
Chuck <-> Nancy

they would soon discover it's not a nice solution. For Laura, she likes Chuck instead of Albert. And what's more, Chuck likes Laura better than Nancy. So Laura and Chuck are likely to come together, leaving poor Albert and Nancy.

Now it's your turn to find a stable marriage. A stable marriage means for any boy G and girl M, with their choice m[G] and m[M], it will not happen that rank(G, M) < rank(G, m[G])and rank(M, G) < rank(M, m[M]).

Each case starts with an integer n (1 <= n <= 500), the number of matches to make.

The following n lines contain n + 1 names each, the first being name of the boy, and rest being the rank of the girls.

The following n lines are the same information for the girls.

Process to the end of file.

If there is a stable marriage, print n lines with two names on each line. You can choose any one if there are multiple solution. Print "Impossible" otherwise.

Print a blank line after each test.

Sample Input
Albert Laura Nancy Marcy
Brad Marcy Nancy Laura
Chuck Laura Marcy Nancy
Laura Chuck Albert Brad
Marcy Albert Chuck Brad
Nancy Brad Albert Chuck

Sample Output
Albert Nancy
Brad Marcy
Chuck Laura


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稳定婚姻问题(The Stable Marriage Problem)
RT,该问题可解决n男n女配对问题:每个人有自己理想对象排名,而要使配对后不存在一对男女不是配偶且对于彼此的好感优于当前配偶。 算法流程: 1.每一轮未订婚的男士向其未求过婚的女士求婚; 2.女士若有男士X向其求婚,如该女士之前没有未婚夫,则直接将男士X作为该女士临时的未婚夫,如已有未婚夫且对该男士X的好感比未婚夫更高,则把未婚夫甩了,重新加入单身狗队列,把X作为未婚夫。 不断执行上述过程,
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稳定匹配问题Stable Match Problem -- 稳定婚姻问题 Stable Marriage Problem
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一个简单的例子说明stable marriage稳定婚姻匹配问题
问题描述非常简单: 有n位男士n位女士,每位男士对所有女士按照他喜欢的程度进行排名,同时,每位女士也对所有男士有一个喜爱程度排名,无并列。 比如我们现在有4位男士:m1,m2,m3,m4,和四位女士w1,w2,w3,w4(m的意思就是man男士,w的意思就是woman女士)。第一位男士对所有女士的喜爱排名为:’w3’,’w2’,’w1’,’w4’,即他最喜欢的是第三位女士w3,接着是第二位,第一
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stable marriage