Just a Joke

Problem Description
Here is just a joke, and do not take it too seriously.

Guizeyanhua is the president of ACMM, and people call him President Guizeyanhua. When Guizeyanhua is walking on the road, everyone eyes on him with admiration. Recently, Guizeyanhua has fallen in love with an unknown girl who runs along the circular race track on the playground every evening. One evening, Guizeyanhua stood in the center of the circular race track and stared the girl soulfully again. But this time he decided to catch up with the girl because of his lovesickness. He rushed to the girl and intended to show her his love heart. However, he could not run too far since he had taken an arrow in the knee.

Now your task is coming. Given the maximum distance Guizeyanhua can run, you are asked to check whether he can catch up with the girl. Assume that the values of Guizeyanhua's and the girl's velocity are both constants, and Guizeyanhua, the girl, and the center of the circular race track always form a straight line during the process. Note that the girl and Guizeyanhua can be considered as two points.

The input begins with a line containing an integer T (T<=100000), which indicates the number of test cases. The following T lines each contain four integers V1, V2, R, and D (0<V1, V2, R, D<=10^9, V1<=V2). V1 is the velocity of the girl. V2 is the velocity of Guizeyanhua. R is the radius of the race track. D is the maximum distance President Guizeyanhua can run.

For each case, output "Wake up to code" in a line if Guizeyanhua can catch up with the girl; otherwise output "Why give up treatment" in a line.

Sample Input
1 1 1 1
11904 41076 3561 3613

Sample Output
Why give up treatment
Wake up to code


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