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Security Center

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Problem Description
Recently, wyh had learned a lot of knowledge about attack others’ computers. Now, if he has a way to access someone’s computer, the computers those connected directly or indirectly will suddenly be broken. To avoid it happening, the government set several computers with “Security Center”. These computers can prevent wyh’s attack. So they are called anti-wyhs. What’s more, anti-wyhs can protect the computers those connect to them directly or indirectly from wyh’s dreadful attack. But anti-wyhs can’t connect to a computer indirectly through wyh’s computer.

Now, the government asks you how many computers have been attacked.

The input will start with a line giving the number of test cases, T.
The first line of each case contains three integers n (0<n<20000), m (0<m<50000) and c(0<=c<=n-1) meaning the number of the computers including wyh’s, the number of those computers connect directly and the number of anti-wyhs. The second line contains c+1 integers. The first integer is the ID number of wyh’s computer. The following integers are the ID numbers of anti-wyhs. The ID number is numbered from 0 to n-1. Then m lines follow. Each line contain two integers x, y. This means that the computer x and y are connected directly.

Note, if computer x connects to computer y, computer y also can connect to computer x.

For each case, please output the number of the computers which have been attacked.

Sample Input
4 3 2
0 2 3
0 1
0 2
1 2

Sample Output

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