2021-01-08 14:09

AKAZE : unresolved external symbol


I successfully built the libraries with VS2015: url and played with the generated examples that work like a charm. I tried then to build an external project including the previously created lib files and it seems that I have an issue with the openMVG_features.lib.

This piece of code does not raise any error:


#include "openMVG/image/image.hpp"
//#include "openMVG/features/features.hpp"

#include <iostream>

using namespace openMVG;
using namespace openMVG::image;

int main()
    Image<unsigned char> img;
    std::cout << img.IsRowMajor << std::endl;
    return 0;

An error however occures if I remove the commented line:

include "openMVG/features/features.hpp"

Here is the given output:

LNK2001 symbole externe non résolu "public: __thiscall openMVG::features::AKAZE::AKAZE(class openMVG::image::Image const &,struct openMVG::features::AKAZEConfig const &)" (??0AKAZE@?$Image@)

I added the required Eigen library using the NuGet tool from VS. What should I do ?

Thank you in advance


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  • weixin_39667509 weixin_39667509 3月前

    What is your cmake file for your new project?

    AKAZE symbol should be in openMVG_features.

    Did you made your cmake this way: https://github.com/openMVG/openMVG/blob/master/BUILD#L142

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  • weixin_39737951 weixin_39737951 3月前

    Hi, I did not create any cmake file in my project. I built it from visual studio and linked the libraries using

    Configuration Properties > Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies

    (As I did in order to install other third part libraries such as openCV)

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  • weixin_39667509 weixin_39667509 3月前

    If you include openMVG_features you also need to include openMVG_image library.

    Please prefer the cmake way since all the library and include path will be usable. See the BUILD line I told you

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  • weixin_39667509 weixin_39667509 3月前

    -antoine Any progress?

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  • weixin_39737951 weixin_39737951 3月前


    Sorry, I spent the month doing something else... I'll try next week and keep you informed, thank you again for your attention.

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  • weixin_39667509 weixin_39667509 3月前

    -antoine Any feedback? I'm closing the issue and feel free to reopen if needed.

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