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Kia's Calculation

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Problem Description
Doctor Ghee is teaching Kia how to calculate the sum of two integers. But Kia is so careless and alway forget to carry a number when the sum of two digits exceeds 9. For example, when she calculates 4567+5789, she will get 9246, and for 1234+9876, she will get 0. Ghee is angry about this, and makes a hard problem for her to solve:
Now Kia has two integers A and B, she can shuffle the digits in each number as she like, but leading zeros are not allowed. That is to say, for A = 11024, she can rearrange the number as 10124, or 41102, or many other, but 02411 is not allowed.
After she shuffles A and B, she will add them together, in her own way. And what will be the maximum possible sum of A "+" B ?

The rst line has a number T (T <= 25) , indicating the number of test cases.
For each test case there are two lines. First line has the number A, and the second line has the number B.
Both A and B will have same number of digits, which is no larger than 106, and without leading zeros.

For test case X, output "Case #X: " first, then output the maximum possible sum without leading zeros.

Sample Input

Sample Output
Case #1: 8984

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