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Mark the Rope

  • color
  • equals
  • gcd
  • lines

Problem Description
Eric has a long rope whose length is N, now he wants to mark on the rope with different colors. The way he marks the rope is:
1. He will choose a color that hasn’t been used
2. He will choose a length L (N>L>1) and he defines the mark’s value equals L
3. From the head of the rope, after every L length, he marks on the rope (you can assume the mark’s length is 0 )
4. When he chooses the length L in step 2, he has made sure that if he marks with this length, the last mark will be at the tail of the rope
Eric is a curious boy, he want to choose K kinds of marks. Every two of the marks’ value are coprime(gcd(l1,l2)=1). Now Eric wants to know the max K. After he chooses the max K kinds of marks, he wants to know the max sum of these K kinds of marks’ values.
You can assume that Eric always can find at least one kind of length to mark on the rope.

First line: a positive number T (T<=500) representing the number of test cases
2 to T+1 lines: every line has only a positive number N (N<263) representing the length of rope

For every test case, you only need to output K and S separated with a space

Sample Input

Sample Output
3 18
3 22

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