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Michael Scofield's letter

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Problem Description
I believe many people are the fans of prison break. How clever Michael is!! In order that the message won't be found by FBI easily, he usually send code letters to Sara by a paper crane. Hence, the paper crane is Michael in the heart of Sara. Now can you write a program to help Sara encode the letter from Michael easily?
The letter from Michael every time is a string of lowercase letters. You should encode letters as the rules below:
b is ' ', q is ',', t is '!', m is l, i is e, c is a, a is c, e is i, l is m. It is interesting. Are you found that it is just change michael to leahcim?

The input will consist of several cases, one per line.
Each case is a letter from Michael, the letteres won't exceed 10000.

For each case, output the encode letter one line.

Sample Input

Sample Output
please forgive me, sara!
i love you!

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