2017-12-01 15:54

Doing Physics Experiment

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Problem Description
As far as Samuel is concerned,physics is very dull and doing the physics experiment is a waste of time. So Samuel only got a passing score in the experiment this semester. Dealing with the figures that get from the experiment requires a lot of energy and time,and it is not valuable to do it by press the calculator to get answer. So Samuel and his roommates often make up a program to work it out. Can you help Samuel make a program?
The problem is not hard. You only need to figure out the average M of n number(double type x1,x2,x3...xn) (the precision set as 10).

test cases t,each of a test case contains a number n(an integer) and n figures(double type).

Output the average M by “The average M = m.”here m is a number.

Sample Input
3 1.0 1.2 1.1

Sample Output
The average M = 1.1000000000.

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