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Issue while installing Collider

Hello, I am facing issue to install collider on ubuntu,

root:~# go get collidermain package collidermain: unrecognized import path "collidermain" (import path does not begin with hostname)

It gives me above error for "go get colliderman" command

I would be thankfull if anyone could help me to install collider.



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  • weixin_39664746 weixin_39664746 2021-01-08 20:49


    ReInstalled Go, then installed Collider again.

    But now I am facing issue to test collider "go test collider"

    It shows me below : /usr/local/go/src/collider/collider.go:11:2: cannot find package "golang.org/x/net/websocket" in any of: /usr/local/go/src/golang.org/x/net/websocket (from $GOROOT) ($GOPATH not set) root:/collider#

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  • weixin_39630106 weixin_39630106 2021-01-08 20:49

    mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/golang.org/x/ cd $GOPATH/src/golang.org/x/ git clone https://github.com/golang/net.git net go install net

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  • weixin_39664746 weixin_39664746 2021-01-08 20:49

    Ok, thanks .

    We resolved that error :+1:

    No no error is displayed on "go test collider", it is showing Ok.

    But when I try to connect it still shows me websocket connection error in my code. Do I need to modifiy any files ? I have already modified constants.py for WSS_INSTANCE_HOST_KEY .

    It shows me Invalid path/ when collider url is hit

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  • weixin_39607620 weixin_39607620 2021-01-08 20:49

    Hi NeelamParmar! I know that this question of mine is not related to your problem that you had, but since there hasn't been any response on this topic https://github.com/webrtc/apprtc/issues/571 sinc August last year, I wanted to ask you whether you are getting any echo when multiple piers connect? Can you hear your own voice echo during the call? If you too hear your own echo, then at least I know that everybody has this issue. Please ping me some line..

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  • weixin_39664746 weixin_39664746 2021-01-08 20:49
    • Hello, I am not able to connect using my own websocket server. If we use apprtc's wss-host_port ,then we are able to connect, but it auto disconnects in 1 min No own voice echo is heard.

    But I need my own signaling server, facing websocket connection issue with collider. Could you help me .

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  • weixin_39630106 weixin_39630106 2021-01-08 20:49

    This is what I summarized when I built the WebRTC server. https://github.com/Axingx/WebRTC-Server-Setup

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