2021-01-09 02:33

Enchanted arrows don't explode when hitting the ground (Bug #3617)

Fixed bug https://bugs.openmw.org/issues/3617 by allowing touch and target enchantments from ranged weapons and their projectiles to explode even when colliding with non-activable objects, terrain, water slab or when shoot underwater.

Also allowed projectiles to fly through the dead bodies as in vanilla.


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  • weixin_39827304 weixin_39827304 4月前

    Also allowed projectiles to fly through the dead bodies

    Is replicating vanilla behavior actually worth it in this case, though? On a local community forum where I mentioned this pull request as "possible to be reviewed for merging" callbacks were very... mixed.

    But why? 0_o

    I guess "just because".

    Will there be an option to disable that in future? I thought they don't focus on 100% replicating original behavior in those controversial cases, do they?

    Like, replicating this absolutely insignificant trash does not make sense considering [quoted Zini's OpenMW 1.0 ramble follows].

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  • weixin_39708557 weixin_39708557 4月前

    I don't see how this could possibly be a source of controversy, lmao. I guess anything is these days. And if it's insignificant, why even argue about it? I haven't seen a single argument against sticking to vanilla behavior. Generally, we stick to vanilla behavior unless there is a good reason not to.

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  • weixin_39789979 weixin_39789979 4月前

    Colliding with a dead actor wouldn't work very well because the collision shape used is intended for actors standing upright. If we had ragdoll collision then sure...

    There are many more cases where at first glance, the behavior may not make sense but once you look closer there is a very good reason the original game did it this way. That's why we have a general policy of following vanilla closely, especially when it comes to things so insignificant they're not even worth arguing about.

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  • weixin_39708557 weixin_39708557 4月前

    Seems to work well. One difference I have noticed is that in vanilla MW, 0-area "On Target" arrows (e.g. "cruel frostarrow") do not create an explosion effect upon impact. Neither do 0-area "On Touch" arrows, but your implementation already seems to mimic that behavior.

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  • weixin_39789979 weixin_39789979 4月前

    Any updates on this? I think all that's remaining is to remove the redundant check for

    as I explained.
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  • weixin_39857876 weixin_39857876 4月前

    I've removed the check and everything works as expected. I've also squashed my branch for cleaner PR

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