2021-01-09 22:26

API Icons

Hey and - we've spoken a few times over IBM slack and webex about adding some API related icons into Carbon. I was hoping we could continue that discussion here and put together any related TODOs to get the icons in.

As far as I'm aware there are three major items to discus / do:

  1. Figure out where these API icons should live
  2. Create or update the actual icon assets (illustrator files I beleive?)
  3. Update /icons (assuming this is well documented)
  4. Update /icons-react
  5. Update /icons-angular

If there's anything else to add to this list LMK.


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  • weixin_39625429 weixin_39625429 4月前

    I'm not sure how many icons are needed, either, so if it's a lot, perhaps a box link with a folder that contains the icons would be easier.

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  • weixin_39558221 weixin_39558221 4月前

    Hi ! 👋 When it comes to adding icons into these projects, we'll need to involve -ibm on the design side. He can help us understand if these icons are appropriate in these core packages (which tend to be used for IBM Design Language icons) or if we should find another option here that makes sense 👍

    Like brought up, identifying which icons are needing to be added and their asset source will help out a ton with this process.

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  • weixin_39875842 weixin_39875842 4月前

    We've marked this issue as stale because there hasn't been any activity for a couple of weeks. If there's no further activity on this issue in the next three days then we'll close it. You can keep the conversation going with just a short comment. Thanks for your contributions.

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  • weixin_39875842 weixin_39875842 4月前

    As there's been no activity since this issue was marked as stale, we are auto-closing it.

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  • weixin_39625429 weixin_39625429 4月前

    is there a current library where we can view the specific icons that are missing? cc: -ibm

    I think the next steps for tackling no.1 would be knowing the exact icons that are needed. If there's no library, perhaps a design file or image?

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