2021-01-10 02:26

Unity asset store version deprecated

The asset store has now deprecated this library and it's no longer available for download. Is there any chance of it being updated?


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  • weixin_39569543 weixin_39569543 4月前

    Hello there.

    Thanks for your notification. Believe it or not, I just noticed that.

    I will update that in the near future, maybe. Very thanks!

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  • weixin_39957186 weixin_39957186 4月前

    please update for unity assetstore,this is great assets! thanks sta!

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  • weixin_39536630 weixin_39536630 4月前

    I agree, this is a useful and much needed asset. I would buy it in the Unity store if it supported Mac/Windows/Linux Unity builds.

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  • weixin_39651325 weixin_39651325 4月前

    Yup, same here

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  • weixin_39942033 weixin_39942033 4月前

    Asset store still says that package is deprecated. Would be really awesome to see it available again.

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