2021-01-10 08:42

Async Building and Windows Device Portal Commands


  • Added a heavily edited version of the Unity Async/Await Utilities by . It has the same license type as the project (MIT)
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to build without either specifying a wsa certificate, or building through the normal Unity Editor Build window because the certificate had not been generated yet. (Unity Build will generate one for you if one doesn't exist.)
  • Adds async building of appx project. Typical Unity Player Building still blocks the editor, but APPX building and installing happens asynchronously.
  • Did a bit of cleanup for coding guidelines and renamed a few classes for clarity.
  • Added ability to build appx from command line argument.
  • Added EditorAssemblyReloadManager to control reloading assemblies in the editor so running async tasks don't get cancelled prematurely.
  • Added StartAsyncProcess extension methods.
  • Added Rest Utililities.
  • Updated data structures for Windows Device Portal.
  • Fixes #1904
  • Moved the windows device portal classes out of the editor so any application can use it at runtime.
  • Fixes #2124 and other conflicts with IL2CPP builds where the toolkit has implemented some apis from mscorlib.


  • [x] Update Device Portal with new async Rest calls.
  • [x] A bit of cleanup and renaming a few async methods with Async suffix.
  • [x] Fix a issue with device connections when prev paired device is unreachable the string name is lost and it's impossible to select it again in the drop down.
  • [x] Add all the documentation to the public PME's in the PR.
  • [x] Fix an issue with CSRF Token refreshing.
  • [x] Fix an issue with incrementing versions.
  • [x] Compatibility with 2018.1
  • [x] Make quick options HoloLens target make sure to target HoloLens only. #1959
  • [x] Fixes #2119

Breaking Changes

  • Removed backwards compatibility to Visual Studio 2015.
  • Changed command line tool hook for VSO build task.
  • Removed unused XDEGuestLocator.cs


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