2021-01-10 09:52

Test multirotor control without mixer limits

Medium term interested in LQR / MPC, but as first step I'd like to work out if the mixer limiting is negatively impacting performance.


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  • weixin_39812577 weixin_39812577 4月前

    Found this paper by chance today: https://www.ifi.uzh.ch/dam/jcr:5f3668fe-1d4e-4c2b-a190-8f5608f40cf3/RAL16_Faessler.pdf

    It compares a naive mixer with its implementation. Its not clear how much different their work is to what we already have, but its possible there are things left to improve in our not-completely-naive mixer.

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  • weixin_39943383 weixin_39943383 4月前

    The paper referenced above also has a discussion of motor thrust/torque modeling which may be of interest to you. They chose to use all 3 coefficients to fit a quadratic polynomial to the measured thrust.

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  • weixin_39793553 weixin_39793553 4月前

    Thank you for the reference. We talked about the mixer in a control call and we have an idea how to improve the mixer. Improving the rate controller will lead sooner or later to the mixer priorities and I'll consider the results of the paper for this.

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  • weixin_39612677 weixin_39612677 4月前

    Hey, this issue has been closed because the label status/STALE is set and there were no updates for 30 days. Feel free to reopen this issue if you deem it appropriate.

    (This is an automated comment from GitMate.io.)

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  • weixin_39793553 weixin_39793553 4月前

    There's actually progress: #7920 And I just discussed with that I could still add functionality on top like yaw priorization from the draft mixer I pushed here before: #8485

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