2021-01-10 11:46

scoped scss in vue

Any idea why scoped scss in vue does not work??

it should be working according to https://github.com/fuse-box/fuse-box/blob/master/docs/plugins/transpilers/VueComponentPlugin.md#scoped-styling


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  • weixin_39901332 weixin_39901332 4月前

    any ideas?

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  • weixin_39721853 weixin_39721853 4月前

    Hi I am on vacation ATM with a very limited access to the Internet

    If you could check the source code and see what’s wrong there that would be great. A guy who created this plugin disappeared, I can’t help you right now. Only after 1 week

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  • weixin_39901332 weixin_39901332 4月前

    At the moment I changed to a lower version of fuse-box, which works 👍

    changed from ^3.0.0-next.44 to 2.3.1

    maybe if I have time this week I will look at it

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  • weixin_39724441 weixin_39724441 4月前

    I have a similar problem with vuejs component - however non scss doesn't appear to work for me either.

    I used the seed project: https://github.com/fuse-box/fuse-box-vue-seed

    On a vue component file (e.g. Navigation.vue) I change the styling, the change is detected but the style does not update. F5 causes the style to appear.

    I attempted to move from 2.4.0 back to 2.3.1 but it has the same effect. I attempted to remove the scoped and lang="scss" attribute but no luck there.

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  • weixin_39721853 weixin_39721853 4月前

    Guys, we need help with VuePlugin, please feel free to dig in and make a PR.

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  • weixin_39721853 weixin_39721853 4月前

    FuseBox v4 Major Upgrade

    As of today, the latest major version of FuseBox v4 is available in fuse-box. FuseBox has undergone a full re-write from scratch, learning from its mistakes in the previous versions.

    There are a lot of improvements, speed and config wise.

    Get started here

    We are still working on the documentation and polishing before the major release. We are getting very close. And we need help testing.

    npm install fuse-box

    Most of the issues that I am closing have been resolved, however, if you find that your issue is still relevant in v4 don't hesitate to re-open or (better) create a new one with v4 configuration.

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