2021-01-10 12:14

Test cases under review-needed.r (language: *)

Test cases under review-needed.r comes from e-ctags. expected.tags files under the directory is generated by u-ctags. We have to understand the meaning of test cases and add args.ctags if necessary. If args.ctags is added, expected.tags must be updated, too.

This may be hard work. We are looking for volunteers.

If you reviewed and verified test cases of langauge X, do 1. mkdir Units/parser-X.r, 2. rename test case from .t to .d, and 3. move the *.d to Units/parser-X.r/.

Else if you reviewd and found a reason that you should not move the test case files to parser-X.r, write a README file and put it to *.t file.

I reviewed the most of all C language related cases. See parser-c.r. Some I recognized some test cases should not go to parser-C.r. So I wrote README: Units/review-needed.r/bug556645.c.t/README and Units/review-needed.r/bug507864.c.t/README

If you are interested in working on this task, open an issue and declare the language you will work on like I did in this issue. The volunteer needs the knowledges of Units test facility. See docs/*.rst, especailly docs/units.rst.

Let's make review-needed.r empty!


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  • weixin_39880615 weixin_39880615 4月前
    % for x in */input*; do ../../ctags --print-language $x; done | sed -e 's/.*: //' | sort | uniq -c
    < in */input*; do ../../ctags --print-language $x; done | sed -e 's/.*: //' | sort | uniq -c
          1 Ada
          6 Asm
          1 Asp
          3 Basic
          2 C
         38 C#
         30 C++
          1 Cobol
          1 D
          1 DosBatch
          8 Eiffel
          2 Erlang
          1 Falcon
          1 Flex
          1 HTML
         11 Java
         17 JavaScript
          2 Make
          2 MatLab
          2 NONE
          5 OCaml
          1 Pascal
          6 Perl
          7 PHP
         12 Python
          2 Ruby
          2 SML
         20 SQL
          1 Tcl
          4 Tex
          2 Vera
          9 Verilog
          2 VHDL
          6 Vim
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  • weixin_39880615 weixin_39880615 4月前

    The most of all python test cases are reviewed.

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  • weixin_39880615 weixin_39880615 4月前

    objective-c is done.

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  • weixin_39574720 weixin_39574720 4月前

    Sorry for the noise. Just switching the "Release blocker" tag for the "Initial release" milestone so that everything is tracked in one place.

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