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My package test cases are scattered across multiple files, if I run go test <package_name> it runs all test cases in the package.

It is unnecessary to run all of them though. Is there a way to specify a file for go test to run, so that it only runs test cases defined in the file?


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  • csdnceshi58 Didn"t forge 8年前

    There are two ways. The easy one is to use the -run flag and provide a pattern matching names of the tests you want to run.


    $ go test -run NameOfTest

    See the docs for more info.

    The other way is to name the specific file, containing the tests you want to run:

    $ go test foo_test.go

    But there's a catch. This works well if:

    • foo.go is in package foo.
    • foo_test.go is in package foo_test and imports 'foo'.

    If foo_test.go and foo.go are the same package (a common case) then you must name all other files required to build foo_test. In this example it would be:

    $ go test foo_test.go foo.go

    I'd recommend to use the -run pattern. Or, where/when possible, always run all package tests.

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  • weixin_41568127 ?yb? 3年前
    alias testcases="sed -n 's/func.*\(Test.*\)(.*/\1/p' | xargs | sed 's/ /|/g'"
    go test -v -run $(cat coordinator_test.go | testcases)
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  • csdnceshi78 程序go 6年前

    @zzzz's answer is mostly complete, but just to save others from having to dig through the referenced documentation you can run a single test in a package as follows:

    go test packageName -run TestName

    Note that you want to pass in the name of the test, not the file name where the test exists.

    The -run flag actually accepts a regex so you could limit the test run to a class of tests. From the docs:

    -run regexp
        Run only those tests and examples matching the regular
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  • csdnceshi51 旧行李 4年前

    in intelliJ IDEA go-lang plugin (and i assume in jetbrains Gogland) you can just set the test kind to file under run > edit configurations

    screenshot create go test on go file

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