2014-08-02 08:45

错误: ENOENT,stat'c: Users RT AppData Roaming npm'


I have Windows 7 32-bit. I installed the latest Node.js 32 bit. When I try to run the command npm install jquery, I receive the error:

Error: ENOENT, stat 'C:\Users\RT\AppData\Roaming\npm

How does one resolve it?


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  • csdnceshi70 笑故挽风 7年前

    Manually creating a folder named 'npm' in the displayed path fixed the problem.

    More information can be found on Troubleshooting page

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  • csdnceshi70 笑故挽风 7年前

    I ran into the same problem while installing a package via npm.

    After creating the npm folder manually in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\ that particular error was gone, but it gave similar multiple errors as it tried to create additional directories in the npm folder and failed. The issue was resolved after running the command prompt as an administrator.

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  • weixin_41568174 from.. 7年前

    You can go to the Start Menu and search the Node.js icon and open the shell and then install anything with

    install <packagename> -g
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  • csdnceshi61 derek5. 7年前

    This can also be fixed by installing a node package manually.

    npm install npm -g

    The process of doing that will setup all the required directories.

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  • csdnceshi52 妄徒之命 6年前

    I recommend setting an alternative location for your npm modules.

    npm config set prefix C:\Dev\npm-repository\npm --global 
    npm config set cache C:\Dev\npm-repository\npm-cache --global  

    Of course you can set the location to wherever best suits.

    This has worked well for me and gets around any permissions issues that you may encounter.

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  • csdnceshi52 妄徒之命 5年前

    I needed a package from github that was written in typscript. I did a git pull of the most recent version from the master branch into the root of my main project. I then went into the directory and did an npm install so that the gulp commands would work that generates ES5 modules. Anyway, to make the long story short, my build process was trying to build files from this new folder so I had to move it out of my root. This was causing these same errors.

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  • csdnceshi69 YaoRaoLov 7年前

    Install a stable version instead of the latest one, I have downgrade my version to node-v0.10.29-x86.msi from 'node-v0.10.33-x86.msi' and it is working well for me!


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