2008-11-20 09:54
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Windows 的 Scheme IDE

What is a good Scheme IDE for Windows? OK, I'll admit it; I'm not at RMS's level, and don't want to use Emacs or any character-based interface -- I want a graphic IDE with colorization, a REPL, and usable, in-line help for a specific, well-documented dialect of Scheme. I have searched around and PLT Scheme/DrScheme seems the best, but even that does not look too sophisticated.


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  • csdnceshi73
    喵-见缝插针 2008-11-25 14:25

    DrScheme is the best Scheme IDE I have found. It has a JIT compiler, can build stand-alone executables or run in the traditional Scheme REPL, has smart syntax editing , as well as other traditional IDE features like Menu bars to change features. Running/stopping your program is as easy as clicking 'Run'/'Stop'. It also includes a macro-expander (if you're writing macros) as well as a debugger. It's Help menu includes both DrScheme-specific documentation, as well as various Scheme specifications (e.g., R5RS and R6RS).

    If there is something you want in a Scheme IDE that is not in DrScheme already, I'm sure the developers would be interested in hearing from you.

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  • csdnceshi56
    lrony* 2008-11-20 10:17

    I've been playing with Xacc.Ide and Iron Scheme and found they were pretty good although they felt not finished in some places. They're good enough for trying out scheme, I'm not sure if I'd use them for writing commercial software though. I've seen the author of both of them hang around here so maybe he can tell more..

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  • csdnceshi63
    elliott.david 2008-11-20 10:18

    I think you are done already. DrScheme is the most popular Scheme IDE.

    Scheme is a bit of niche language, so do not be surprised not to find the kind of super-slick IDE support that is expected by Java/VisualBasic WIMP addicts.

    Patronizing? Well, yes.

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  • csdnceshi66

    PLT Scheme is an excellenet product well worth taking a look at. It's got all the features you're asking for

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  • csdnceshi66

    As far as I know (I used DrScheme for a few months before switching to Emacs), DrScheme has many IDE-like features, but they are presented in a simplified interface because of its educational focus. Do some digging and I think you'll be happy what you find.

    Also, I can't resist, since I do use Emacs---an OS specific install of emacs is hardly ever character based.

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  • csdnceshi57
    perhaps? 2009-01-19 20:00

    I think what you want actually is Emacs. Let's see:

    • I want a graphic IDE, the latest versions of Emacs are built on top of gtk.
    • with colorization, it's M-x font-lock-mode
    • a REPL, lookup Quack mode for Emacs,
    • and usable, in-line help for a specific, well-documented dialect of Scheme, that too, it's built into Quack.
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  • csdnceshi67
    bug^君 2011-04-05 14:28

    I just found out the scheme plugin for eclipse, I haven't try it yet. It looks pretty nice. http://sourceforge.net/apps/wordpress/schemeway/the-schemescript-plugin/features/ and its git repository https://github.com/schemeway/SchemeScript

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  • csdnceshi57
    perhaps? 2017-01-23 19:04

    I personally use ChezScheme. I run scheme scripts from the console and edit them in eclipse, using the SchemeWay plugin. Eclipse is superior to Emacs, in my opinion, and it has some nice features, like automatic indentation and autocomplete for defined names.

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