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Update BPMN Font to full BPMN support

For the context pad we need following elements: - All Event Types - All Gateway Types - All Task Types + call activity

In addition we need for the palette: - ~~Pool~~ - ~~Lane~~ - ~~Connections~~ - (see #222)


Update the bpmn-font project to include the icons based on the given example diagram.

We need the following icons: - [x] for events: only the icon markers - [x] for gateways: gateway + marker inside - [x] for activities: only markers - [x] subprocess/transaction/adhoc: ????

A how to build fonts is attached.


  • [x] font must look good at 20px size pixels
  • [x] font sources must be provided as SVG to the project


  • [x] font is updated in bpmn-js/assets + app
  • [x] font example screenshot is updated on bpmn-font project page


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  • weixin_39591455 weixin_39591455 2021-01-11 05:38

    Pool, Lane and Connections should be moved to a separate issue, since they are not critical for this milestone

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  • weixin_39619451 weixin_39619451 2021-01-11 05:38

    Rendering of the font on Linux looks to soft. Will increase stroke size need to update all elements. - [x] events - [x] gateway - [x] tasks

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  • weixin_39619451 weixin_39619451 2021-01-11 05:38

    New icon font has landed. - [x] Test OS X - normal - [x] Firefox - [x] Chrome - [ ] Safari - [x] Test OS X - Retina - [x] Firefox - [x] Chrome - [ ] Safari - [ ] Test Linux - [x] Test Windows 7 - [x] IE - [x] Firefox - [ ] Chrome - [ ] Bundle new font to dist folder and add a new Image of all contained icons.

    Even if the updated font is a step forward I would like to increase the font size from 20px to 21px or 22px as Windows seems to apply less interpolation to the icons.

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  • weixin_39591455 weixin_39591455 2021-01-11 05:38

    looks great on my machine ;)

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  • weixin_39619451 weixin_39619451 2021-01-11 05:38

    As another improvement we could increase the outer stroke of end events. That would help to distinguish them from normal events.

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