2021-01-11 11:05

threading.SleepEx.test2 fails sporadically on CentOs

The test has failed in the CI test run below with the following error: Expected thread to sleep for 2000 ms (and not be interrupted). Average delta: 858993393 ms, acceptable delta: 150 https://ci.dot.net/job/dotnet_coreclr/job/master/job/debug_centos7.1_prtest/436/ It seems we have a bug in the delta computation. Based on the test start times in the log, there was no delay in test execution.

NOTE: Enable the following tests with the fix: - threading/Sleep/test1/paltest_sleep_test1 - threading/SleepEx/test1/paltest_sleepex_test1 - threading/SleepEx/test2/paltest_sleepex_test2


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