2021-01-11 19:07

D435 not recognized on Win7 with 2.33.1, OK with 2.17.1

| Required Info | | |---------------------------------|------------------------------------------- | | Camera Model | D435 | | Firmware Version | | | Operating System & Version | Win7 x64 Pro | | Platform | PC ThinkPad X230 | | SDK Version | 2.33.1 |

Issue Description

On a Lenovo ThinkPad X230, after installing the latest (2.33.1) SDK package, Realsense Viewer no longer sees a connected D435. It still shows up with the same two listings in the Device Manager though with no errors. Replugging/rebooting does not help. Uninstalling 2.33.1 and going back to 2.17.1 then it works fine.

However on a desktop PC running Win7 x64 Enterprise, 2.33.1 works fine. I suspect it is a USB chipset issue exposed by the new driver. The X230 lists the USB controller as "Intel(R) Series/C216 Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller".

I will try going back to 2.33.1 leaving the 2.17.1 driver ( in place to see if it works then, and will update here.

Update: 2.33.1 viewer still does not see D435 with 2.17.1 driver, but not a surprise since driver may not be compatible.


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