ARCGIS:The geometry is not M-aware

1 工作步骤:gis里转cad为shp,然后使用自己的转换工具批量线构面,得出结果。
2 问题:虚拟机里的gis,转出的shp,进行构面会报以下错误:
Failed script 转面...

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "D:\wyn\工具\CAD数据批量转成shp构面", line 37, in
File "d:\program files (x86)\arcgis\desktop10.3\arcpy\arcpy\", line 2624, in FeatureToPolygon
raise e
ExecuteError: ERROR 999999: Error executing function.
The geometry is not M-aware
Failed to execute (FeatureToPolygon).

Failed to execute (转面).
3 疑问点:同一个cad,本机转出来的shp,在本机和虚拟机里均可以正常使用工具出结果,虚拟机转出来的shp,本机可以正常出结果,虚拟机会报错误,错误报告如上。

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ArcGis for IOS 有关Geometry的代码
android arcgis入门(八)、Json与Geometry的相互转换
在Android中json数据十分普遍,也很实用,在Arcgis中也同样支持Json数据,Json与Geometry可以相互转换,达到我们想要的数据。一、Geometry转换成Json数据这个实现十分简单,比如我们将一个点转换为Json,这时也同样用到GeometryEngine这个强大的类。 Point point = new Point(113, 23); String json
合并部分的代码: Func<List<GeoJSON.Net.Geometry.IGeometryObject>, ESRI.ArcGIS.Geometry.IGeometry> MergePolygon = (lsGeometry) => { ...
ArcGIS for JavaScript 将geometry转换为DXF文件
如何 使用 JavaScript 将geometry 手绘图形 polygon 转换为DXF文件
ArcGIS Engine判断Point是否在几何图形Geometry上
说明:小于指定容差即认为在几何图形上 /// /// 判断点是否在几何图形上 /// /// 传入的几何图形 /// 待判断的点 /// 容差 /// 是否 private bool PointOnGeometry(ESRI.ArcGIS.Geometry.IGe
Geometry and geoprocessing
Geometry and geoprocessing ESRI课件
The Geometry of Syzygies
The Geometry of Syzygies
algorithm and geometry
algorithm and geometry
Arithmetic Geometry
Affine Geometry
Affine Geometry Book -- Advanced Linear Algebra --Chapter 16
Algorithmic Geometry
全面介绍ArcGIS for JavaScript 开发
全面介绍ArcGIS for JavaScript 开发
Computational Geometry
Riemann-Finsler__ Geometry
关于Riemann-Finsler__ Geometry的基础教科书
riemann geometry
pdg格式,需用超星阅读器阅读 专门、独到、详实、经典
Geometry Utility
It's a utility java class for geometry
Riemannian Geometry [
Riemannian Geometry [doCarmo] 亚马逊上好评如潮啊 真的好评如潮!! 绝对值得读5遍
Geometry of transformations
linear transformation: geometry of transformation.
The geometry package
Geometry宏包介绍 This package provides a exible and easy interface to page dimensions. You can change the page layout with intuitive parameters. For instance, if you want to set a margin to 2cm from each edge of the paper, you can type just \usepackage[margin=2cm]{geometry}. The page layout can be changed in the middle of the document with \newgeometry command.
Geometry Transform
noncommutative geometry
geometry and physics
《Geometry,Topology and Physics》M.Nakahara
Computational Geometry?
Problem DescriptionnComputational geometry is a branch of computer science devoted to the study of algorithms which can be stated in terms of geometry. It often comes up with charming shapes and ideas.nIn this problem, our poor princess is trapped in a castle by some bad guys again, yeah, again. So, let's seize the chance to be a hero.nRight now, the beautiful princess is in the original point of a Cartesian coordinate system, for simplification, the castle is treated as a coordinate system, like a common computational geometry problem.nThere is a bomb which can be exploded anytime, and it locates at (Xo, Yo) in the castle. To save the princess, we need design a route for her to leave away the bomb as far as possible. But she already has a plan written on her notebook, which contains some vectors, and she insists on escaping in the vectors’ direction one by one, that is, if she is in point(0, 0), and the vector is (X, Y), she will be in point(X, Y) if she escapes in this vector.nYou get her notebook now, and find princess's plan is a not a good plan sometimes. Then you decide to help the princess to make some slight modification, you can change the order of those vectors, and/or reverse some vectors, that is, change vector (X, Y) to vector (-X, -Y).nWe want to know the maximum distance to the bomb after modification.n nnInputnThe first line contains a single integer T, indicating the number of test cases. Each test case begins with three integers N, Xo, Yo. Then N lines following, each line contains two integers, Xi and Yi, indicating a vector.nnTechnical Specificationn1. 1 <= T <= 100n2. 1 <= N <= 100n3. -100 <= Xi, Yi <= 100n4. -10 000 <= Xo, Yo <= 10 000n nnOutputnFor each test case, output the case number first, then the distance rounded to three fractional digits.n nnSample Inputn3n1 1 1n1 1n2 2 3n-1 2n1 -2n3 3 0n2 3n3 2n1 -1n nnSample OutputnCase 1: 2.828nCase 2: 7.000nCase 3: 9.849
Gems of Geometry
This book is based on lectures given several times at Reading University in England at their School of Continuing Education, from about 2002. One might wonder why I gave these lectures. I had been attending a few lectures on diverse subjects such as Music, Latin and Greek and my wife suggested that perhaps I should give some lectures myself. I was somewhat taken aback by this but then realised that I did have some useful material lying around that would make a starting point. When I was a boy (a long time ago) I much enjoyed reading books such as Mathematical Snapshots by Steinhaus and Mathematical Recreations and Essays by Rouse Ball. Moreover, I had made a few models such as the minimal set of squares that fit together to make a rectangle, some sets of Chinese Rings, and 31 coloured cubes and these items were still around. This starting point was much enhanced by some models that my daughter Janet had made when at school. A junior class had been instructed to make some models for an open day but had made a mess instead. Janet (then in the sixth form) was asked to save the day. Thus I also had available models of many regular figures including the Poinsot- Kepler figures and the compound of five tetrahedra and that of five cubes.
Geometry of Crystals
晶体学方面的专著, 材料科学计算机模拟领域的参考教材,剑桥大学的教授写的。
Algebra Geometry
Algebra Geometry - Griffiths
Differential geometry
space and geometry
carroll, space and geometry. djvu editioncarroll, space and geometry. djvu editioncarroll, space and geometry. djvu editioncarroll, space and geometry. djvu edition
Geometry of Surfaces
geometry algorithms
geometry and secutriy
geometry and secutriy
Introduction to Computing with Geometry Notes
CS3621 Introduction to Computing with Geometry Notes
Geometry service 的使用
Geometry and Topology for Mesh Generation
网格生成的经典书籍,书中主要涉及到 Delaunay三角的相关知识。
Algebraic Projective Geometry
信息几何-Information Geometry
an invitation to algebraic geometry
an invitation to algebraic geometry
Foundations of Differential Geometry
Foundations of Differential Geometry
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