2021-01-12 07:06

svgRef.toDataURL() crash on Android

toDataURL is working on iOS but crashing on Android.

RN version : 0.47.0 react-native-svg version : 5.4.1 react version : 16.0.0-alpha.12

Code : test(svgRef) { if (svgRef) { svgRef.toDataURL(base64 => { }) }}

<Svg width={this.props.width} height={this.props.height} ref={ref => { if (this.state.released) { this.test(ref); } }} > ... </Svg>

Error : undefined is not an object (evaluating RNSVGSvgViewMAnager.toDataURL)


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  • weixin_39611546 weixin_39611546 4月前

    Any news here? I use Expo and got this crash.

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  • weixin_39562606 weixin_39562606 4月前

    At least seems to work with the latest code, I think Expo still hasn't upgraded, probably worth asking in their repo.

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  • weixin_39600510 weixin_39600510 4月前

    Hi, some news about this? I'm facing the same problem... Just on Android... on iOS it's Ok... I tried update to
    "expo": "^30.0.0" "react-native": "https://github.com/expo/react-native/archive/sdk-30.0.0.tar.gz" But the problem continues...

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  • weixin_39562606 weixin_39562606 4月前

    Seems to work fine, please provide a full replication. Closing until then.

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  • weixin_39631301 weixin_39631301 4月前

    was this fixed since?

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  • weixin_39562606 weixin_39562606 4月前

    I don't remember testing recently, will have to check.

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