2021-01-12 11:36

Version bump after alternative OAuth2

A new version probably should be bumped since Google is pushing the OAuth2 and support seems to exist but it won't show in pip


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  • weixin_39874809 weixin_39874809 4月前

    Possibly a duplicate to #150?

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  • weixin_39881760 weixin_39881760 4月前


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  • weixin_39673972 weixin_39673972 4月前

    I also need it.

    (This project needs more than one committer.)

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  • weixin_39717692 weixin_39717692 4月前

    Yes, this is causing some issues for me as well (setup.py can't override pypi via download_url if the version is the same).

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  • weixin_40000131 weixin_40000131 4月前

    Hi guys! Sorry for the delay. I've been very busy lately.

    I've just published a new release (0.2.2) with authorize() function on PyPI.

    Good idea about increasing the number of committers. I'll think how to handle that.

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