2021-01-12 11:56

chore: fix pointer types and macro usage based on XCode warnings


Fix iOS build issues - there were two incompatible pointer types, and we were not following convention in a macro usage

This makes it so when you include this module it builds cleanly

This should be backwards compatible and just a patch version


| OS | Implemented | | ------- | :---------: | | iOS | ✅ | | Android | ❌ | | Windows | ❌ |


  • [x] I have tested this on a device/simulator for each compatible OS
  • [ ] I added the documentation in README.md
  • [ ] I mentioned this change in CHANGELOG.md
  • [ ] I updated the typings files (deviceinfo.d.ts, deviceinfo.js.flow)
  • [ ] I updated the web polyfill (web/index.js)


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  • weixin_39617405 weixin_39617405 4月前

    I am an XCode/iOS novice so review here would be nice In particular, I changed pointer types added by and
    The changes seem obviously correct but that's when I make mistakes ;-)

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  • weixin_39617405 weixin_39617405 4月前

    I did integrate this changes (by altering my package.json entry to github.com:mikehardy.net/react-native-device-info#fix-xcode-issues and now my project builds without any react-native-device-info XCode warnings and runs with the data points related to the altered pointer types coming in just fine, which makes me happy :muscle:

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  • weixin_39881760 weixin_39881760 4月前

    this issue still persist on iOS, your PR is not working

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  • weixin_39617405 weixin_39617405 4月前

    please check with the example app in the repo

    Also as an open source "how can you help" note: if you were the maintainer, how exactly could you help someone that posted a comment such as yours? What details would you need? Probably all the ones on the issue template, right? Open new issues, and post all the details you can - that's how you can help the open source projects you depend on

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