2021-01-12 12:54

Update confirmation message when deleting a user

The current message says that the posts will be deleted, but they actually aren't (changed in beta8).



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  • weixin_39758288 weixin_39758288 3月前

    That's a different issue - and one most likely caused by an extension. Deleted post contente shows up just fine for me. image

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  • weixin_39563132 weixin_39563132 3月前

    Well shoot. Just when I thought I somewhat figured this out... I did see that the post content is still in the database, so I guess the content not being on the frontend for me is an extension conflict.

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  • weixin_39633113 weixin_39633113 3月前

    Fixed in https://github.com/flarum/lang-english/pull/157.

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  • weixin_39563132 weixin_39563132 3月前

    I tested deleting a user with beta 11. The user is deleted and at least the post content on the frontend is hidden (not deleted from the database). A shell of a post (the title) still remains on the frontend. This is what a deleted user’s post looks like. Username = deleted, and the content is hidden.


    But to confirm, the post content is still in the database. I guess the question is: Is this how Flarum Core should be? The good news is that deleting a user at least makes their post data anonymous.

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