2021-01-12 15:16

jbuilder support

I was wondering how can I use fast_jsonapi with jbuilder. I Probably need new adapter in multijson, problem is that multijson is fast_jsonapi dependency. It's somehow possible?


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  • weixin_39778447 weixin_39778447 4月前

    in the next version multi_json is being removed as a dependency. Check out the dev branch.

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  • weixin_39593277 weixin_39593277 4月前

    do you think it's worth trying? any chance of performance boost?

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  • weixin_39778447 weixin_39778447 4月前

    I am not sure if we an use fast_jsonapi in jbuilder right now. It is something we built to be similar to AMS but focused on jsonapi standard. Since it's focused it faster than AMS.

    I am not sure if it could be even used with jbuilder.

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  • weixin_39610759 weixin_39610759 4月前

    AMS can't be used with jbuilder either, they're mutually exclusive libraries.

    If you want to support JSON API standard in jbuilder take a look to this: https://github.com/vladfaust/jbuilder-json_api

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