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Signed-off-by: SimpleInit <63694297.com>

拉取/合并请求描述:(PR description)


以下的内容不应该在提交PR时的message修改,修改下述message,PR会被直接关闭。请在提交PR后,浏览器查看PR并对以下检查项逐项check,没问题后逐条在页面上打钩。 The following content must not be changed in submitted PR message. Otherwise, the PR will be closed immediately. After submitted PR, please use web browser to visit PR, and check items one by one, and ticked them if no problem.

当前拉取/合并请求的状态 Intent for your PR

必须选择一项 Choose one (Mandatory):

  • [ ] 本拉取/合并请求是一个草稿版本 This PR is for a code-review and is intended to get feedback
  • [x] 本拉取/合并请求是一个成熟版本 This PR is mature, and ready to be integrated into the repo

代码质量 Code Quality:

我在这个拉取/合并请求中已经考虑了 As part of this pull request, I've considered the following:

  • [x] 已经仔细查看过代码改动的对比 Already check the difference between PR and old code
  • [x] 代码风格正确,包括缩进空格,命名及其他风格 Style guide is adhered to, including spacing, naming and other style
  • [x] 没有垃圾代码,代码尽量精简,不包含#if 0代码,不包含已经被注释了的代码 All redundant code is removed and cleaned up
  • [x] 所有变更均有原因及合理的,并且不会影响到其他软件组件代码或BSP All modifications are justified and not affect other components or BSP
  • [x] 对难懂代码均提供对应的注释 I've commented appropriately where code is tricky
  • [x] 本拉取/合并请求代码是高质量的 Code in this PR is of high quality


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  • weixin_39536630 weixin_39536630 2021-01-12 18:21

    感谢提交 Pull Requests ! 在我们查看您的 Pull Requests 之前,您需要签署《贡献者许可协议(CLA)》。 请按照 https://www.rt-thread.org/cla/ 页面提示步骤操作,完成 CLA 签署。之后新增评论 /check-cla,我们将再次检查协议签署情况。 - 如果您已签署 CLA 且仍然出现此提示,请在 Github 账号个人页面 https://github.com/settings/emails 确认已绑定邮箱并验证,同时与签署页面填写的邮箱一致。 - 若您完成以上步骤后,依然显示 CLA 未签署信息,请发邮件联系我们,邮箱地址:contact-thread.org。

    Thanks for your pull request. Before we can look at your pull request, you'll need to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Please follow instructions at https://www.rt-thread.org/cla/ to sign the CLA. It may take a couple minutes for the CLA signature to be fully registered; after that, please reply here with a new comment /check-cla and we'll verify. - If you've already signed a CLA, it's possible we don't have your Github username or you're using a different email address. Check your existing CLA data and verify that your email at https://github.com/settings/emails. - If you have done the above and are still having issues with the CLA being reported as unsigned, send a message to the backup e-mail support address at: contact-thread.org

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  • weixin_39805529 weixin_39805529 2021-01-12 18:21



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  • weixin_39554891 weixin_39554891 2021-01-12 18:21



    没注意选快了, ̄□ ̄||

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  • weixin_39554891 weixin_39554891 2021-01-12 18:21


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  • weixin_39536630 weixin_39536630 2021-01-12 18:21

    感谢提交 Pull Requests!您已成功签署《贡献者许可协议(CLA)》。:wave:

    Thanks for your pull request. you've already signed RT-Thread CLA successfully. :wave:

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  • weixin_39637614 weixin_39637614 2021-01-12 18:21


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