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  • java

In this assignment, you will create the User and Validator classes to answer questions about whether the data was entered correctly.

1)     Create class User

2)     This class must contain fields: firstName, secondName, id, age, gender, password, dateOfBirth.

3)     All of the fields must to have Private access modifier.

4)     id should be generated automatically.

5)     Create constructor that accepts these fields

6)     Create setter and getter functions for each field

7)     Create function which prints all fields.

8)     Create class Validator.

9)     Create checkAge method to check if user has full 18.

10)  Create checkPassword method. Password must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 digit, 1 special symbol(@,$,!,^) and length more or equal to 8.

11)  Create checkDate method. Date should follow dd/mm/yyyy pattern.

12)  Create driver code inside of main() function which allows user to input data in console. All fields cannot be empty. If user entered some field wrong way the program should give an appropriate error.

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