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EE308 LAB1

The Link Your Class


The Link of Requirement of This Assignment


The Aim of This Assignment

Self Introduction &  Cource Plan




  • My name is Hongshen, a student majoring in Electronic Engineering from Maynooth University Colledge of FZU.
  • I love sports especially bodybuilding and playing basketball,I spend two to three hours on exercise every day.What's more,watching movies is my anothe hobby.
  • During the three years of study, I have come into contact with many different programming languages, such as Java, C language, C ++, C#, PHP and Python. 
  • In my spare time, I  learned programming and APP production through Bilibili and MOOC platforms. However, according to my current knowledge level, my understanding of these aspects is still in the initial stage, which requires further understanding and improvement.


  • C, C++, Python Basic programming skills

  • Design, write and debug  small C programs (in an embedded system environment) using good coding and naming conventions 

  • Program the Arduino development board using the Arduino Web editor


1.Software engineering courses

How to create a game and software.

2.Want to have more in-depth research on MATLAB

3.I am more skilled in using Arduino.


  1. Not familiar with manipulating text in various programming languages and not familiar enough with the format of function calls in related programming languages.
  2.  Being rather impatient and lacking in patience;
  3. I rarely cooperated with others to complete a work.


    Coding Quantity:

      I started to learn code from college, and wrote many programs through daily homework, experiments and exams. I have not counted the number of codes, which may be 800 lines. I hope I can write more codes through this course, improve my level through practice, and accumulate more codes to become a qualified programmer.


    Course Planning:

      In this course, I hope I can learn how to make a software and form a team to make a software with practical effects.I also hope to improve my programming ability and cooperation with others in this course, and improve my knowledge in software engineering.In this course, I hope I can play a role in supervising the completion of teammates' projects and participate in project programming myself.

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