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Problem Description
Teacher Mai has a kingdom with the infinite area.

He has n students guarding the kingdom.

The i-th student stands at the position (xi,yi), and his walking speed is vi.

If a point can be reached by a student, and the time this student walking to this point is strictly less than other students, this point is in the charge of this student.

For every student, Teacher Mai wants to know if the area in the charge of him is infinite.

There are multiple test cases, terminated by a line "0".

For each test case, the first line contains one integer n(1<=n<=500).

In following n lines, each line contains three integers xi,yi,vi(0<=|xi|,|yi|,vi<=10^4).

For each case, output "Case #k: s", where k is the case number counting from 1, and s is a string consisting of n character. If the area in the charge of the i-th student isn't infinite, the i-th character is "0", else it's "1".

Sample Input
0 0 3
1 1 2
2 2 1

Sample Output
Case #1: 100

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