iOS 2.3.1 被拒 怎么解决

  1. 3 Performance: Accurate Metadata Guideline 2.3.1 - Performance

We discovered that your app contains obfuscated code, selector mangling, or features meant to subvert the App Review process by changing this app's concept after approval to the App Store.

The next submission of this app may require a longer review time, and this app will not be eligible for an expedited review until this issue is resolved.

Next Steps

  • Review the Performance section of the App Store Review Guidelines.
  • Ensure your app is compliant with all sections of the App Store Review Guidelines and the Terms & Conditions of the Apple Developer Program.
  • Once your app is fully compliant, resubmit your app for review.

Submitting apps designed to mislead or harm customers or evade the review process may result in the termination of your Apple Developer Program account. Review the Terms & Conditions of the Apple Developer Program to learn more about our policies regarding termination.

If you believe your app is compliant with the App Store Review Guidelines, you may submit an appeal. Alternatively, you may provide additional details about your app by replying directly to this message.

2019/04/18 08:38
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