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急! 面试题请教 - 创建数据库和查询

我收到一个面试题, 请问大家能看下该怎么做吗? 谢谢!

A 公司需要一个现代化的文档数据库/系统。存在基于 php 的现有解决方案,但存在安全性和功能性缺陷。因此,公司希望找到替代方案,并且作为其中一个选项希望考虑使用 SharePoint,因为它与公司中的其他现有工具紧密集成。

• 文件上传(允许多种文件格式)
• 创建唯一的文档 ID
• 确保可追溯性和修订控制
• 搜索功能可以定位所需的文档
• 对已审核文档进行数字签名的签核功能(签名后锁定以供编辑)
• 可以直接链接到单个文档(来自其他系统)
• 与 AD 相关联的用户身份和组成员身份
• 安全性,例如可选的访问权限控制(在项目或文档级别)
重要的是数据库易于使用,并且易于导航/过滤以检索正确的文档。可以在此处查看当前 php 数据库中的可搜索属性/元数据:

A company is in need of a modernized documentation database/system. An existing solution built on php
exists but has security and functionality shortcomings. Hence the company wishes to find an
alternative, and as one of the options wishes to consider use of SharePoint, as this is closely
integrated with other existing tools in the company.
The documentation database should have the following functionality:
• Document upload (allowing a variety of file formats)
• Create unique Document ID
• Ensure traceability and revision control
• Search-functionality to enable locating the desired document
• Sign-off functionality for digital signature on reviewed documentation (locked for editing
after signature)
• Possibility for hyperlinks directly to individual documents (from other systems)
• User identity and group membership connected with AD
• Security, such as optional access rights control (on project or document level)
It is important that the database is easy to use, and easy to navigate/filter to retrieve the right
documents. Searchable attributes / metadata from current php-database can be seen here:



a.. 描述此类文档数据库的潜在结构,包括与 AD 的连接
b.. 解释如何高效搜索数据库中的文档
c.. 解释如何区分草稿版本和“批准”版本。

a. Describe a potential structure for such a document database, including connection with AD
b. Explain how to efficiently search for documents in the database
c. Explain how to distinguish between draft versions and “approved” versions.
d. Explain how to distinguish between current revision and older revision of a document and how to
easily retrieve older revisions.
e. How can the document database serve as basis for an automatic measurement on document
completion rate for a project or a document category

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