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how to run phonegap cli using php scripts?
i can manually run phonegap with windows cmd and everything works great but when i call ex:'phonegap build android' in php exec, nothing happens. no error no catch block, nothing.

here is my code:


$out = array();
try {
    $create_command = 'phonegap create test';
    $build_command = 'phonegap build android';
    foreach($out as $line) echo $line.'<br>';
catch(Exception $ex) {
    echo $ex->getMessage();

by the way i registered php in environments then ran 'php %path_to_file%/test.php' in cmd and it worked.

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如何使用php脚本运行phonegap cli?
i可以手动运行带有windows cmd的phonegap,一切正常 很棒但是当我在php exec中调用ex:'phonegap build android'时,没有任何反应。 没有错误没有catch块,什么都没有。



 $ out = array(); 
try {
 $ create_command ='phonegap create test'; 
 $ build_command ='phonegap build android'; \  n exec($ build_command,$ out); 
 foreach($ out as $ line)echo $ line。'&lt; br&gt;'; 
catch(Exception $ ex){
 echo $ ex-&gt;  getMessage(); 

通过我在环境中注册php然后运行'php%path_to_file%/ test.php'的方式 cmd,它工作。

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