2013-07-23 11:02
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PHP OOP:使用字符串作为别名的标识符

I have a class somewhere in some namespace. Say:

namespace space;
class MyClass(){}

What i want to do is to create an alias for this class without extending etc. Oherenly thing I have is a string which contains class name. What I would like to do is:

use '\space\'.$className as 'space_'.$classname;

Is it possible somehow? Because "use" keyword expects class identifier's literal string token (expecting identifier (T_STRING)) and usual approach, like with variables (say, call function named in a variable by simply calling $functionName()), as described, for example, here, doesn't help.

UPD: Using eval doesn't work for that, of course.

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我在某个命名空间的某处有一个类。 说:

class MyClass(){} 

我想做的是 为此类创建一个别名而不扩展等。我所拥有的是一个包含类名的字符串。 我想做的是:

  $ className ='MyClass'; 
use'\ space \'。$ className as'space _'。$ classname; 
 <  / code>  

有可能以某种方式吗? 因为“use”关键字需要类标识符的文字字符串标记(期望标识符(T_STRING))和通常的方法,例如变量(例如,通过简单地调用$ functionName()在变量中命名的调用函数),例如,< a href =“”>这里没有帮助。


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  • doudaifu6083 2013-07-23 11:14

    So it seems you are looking for class_alias

    class_alias('space\MyClass', 'space_MyClass');
    解决 无用
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